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What to Order at Golden Dragon

When dining at Chinatown London’s Golden Dragon, consider these five uniquely delicious dishes to discover something new.

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A guide to Chinatown London’s supermarkets

Expand your culinary repertoire by visiting one of these amazing Asian supermarkets next time you visit Chinatown London.

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Where to eat hot pot in Chinatown

Hot pot makes the ultimate communal dish when dining out with friends, seek out this iconic Chinese classic at these places in Chinatown London.

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Opium’s new cocktail menu is written in the stars

Look to your horoscope to discover which of Opium’s new Chinese zodiac cocktails you should sample.

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xionghuang wine

Xionghuang wine – a deadly Chinese custom

Would you drink a wine that’s been laced with arsenic? The Chinese do every Dragon Boat Festival…

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The best bars in Chinatown for summertime drinking

Head to one of these badass bars in Chinatown for a thirst-quenching summertime drink.

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Recipe: Sweet Lotus root slices stuffed with sticky rice

Healthy, tasty and lovely to look at, the lotus root is one hero ingredient. Cook this simple recipe featuring lotus root stuffed with sticky rice.

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RECIPE: Marvellous mooncakes

Filled with a sweet surprise, mooncakes are one of China’s most beloved treats for Autumn Festival. Discover how to cook this iconic Chinese bake with our recipe.

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RECIPE: Chicken & pork pot-sticker dumpling

Part steamed, part fried these delicious pot-sticker dumplings are both smooth, crispy and stuffed with a flavourful filling.

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Michelin starred dining arrives in Chinatown at Dumplings Legend

For delectable dumplings with a fine dining finesse this autumn, look to Dumplings Legend, who’ve launched a Michelin dumpling in partnership with Pied à Terre.

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ICHIBUNS Are Giving Away 500 Free Burgers

New Japanese-American eatery, ICHIBUNS are giving away an incredible 500 burgers to celebrate their opening in Chinatown.

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Chinatown Remembers Sir David Tang

Chinatown Remembers Sir David Tang

Businessman, philanthropist and socialite, the late Sir David Tang was many things to many people. His venue, China Exchange is the beating heart of Chinatown’s cultural scene.

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Chinatown London: A Student’s Guide

From tasty discounts to cool karaoke, discover the best student-friendly spots in Chinatown London.

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5 Things You Never Knew You Could Do in Chinatown London

Chinatown London is full of surprises. Discover its hidden secrets here and learn how it offers far more than just fab food.

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How to navigate a Chinese supermarket

Head for these items next time you stop by

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Winter Solstice Festival (Dongzhi Festival)

Discover these (but controversial) Chinese Winter Solstice treats which spark a nationwide social media war.

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chinatown london-chinese new year dragon dance

Chinese New Year 2018

Hordes of merrymakers turned out to celebrate Chinese New Year across Chinatown in London.

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The magical myth behind Mid-Autumn Day

Discover the weird-and-wonderful legend behind the Chinese celebration, Mid-Autumn Festival.

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