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The best banquets in Chinatown

Chinese and East Asian food is the ideal food for a big group of people – lots of different plates means that everyone gets a taste of everything, rather than having to stick it out with just one dish. But why just have dinner when you could have a banquet? Add some opulence to your Friday night with one of our picks for the best banqueting venues in Chinatown!


A feast at XU

For a truly indulgent banquet experience, XU offers a Feasting Menu to be enjoyed in its private mahjong rooms. Dishes range from smaller bites such as the Lotus Crisps to more substantial plates such as the Char Siu Iberico Pork Collar, all served to you in thoroughly sophisticated surroundings.

BEST FOR: A luxurious birthday treat

Golden Dragon

The theatrical surrounds at Golden Dragon

With a number of different set menus at varying price points, it’s hard to go wrong at Golden Dragon. The smaller banquets tick all the boxes with old classics like Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup, Sweet & Sour Pork and Special Fried Rice, and for the more culinarily adventurous, other banquet options offer a journey through Pekinese cuisine.

BEST FOR: Sunday dinner with the family

Imperial China

A spread fit for a karaoke king at Imperial China

Karaoke is a good night out. Karaoke with food is an outstanding night out. At Imperial China the latter is on offer, so you can scream along to the Spice Girls, then take a bite of spicy Mapo Tofu, then get back to business. There are four different banqueting menus on offer, two of which are veggie, so you’re not short on choice – it’s the second most important decision of your night, right after which tune you’ll sing first.

BEST FOR: A night out with mates

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