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The best places for lunch-on-the-go in Chinatown

Katsu curry in a hurry? Here’s where to grab a speedy lunchtime bite in Chinatown


Summer is almost here so it’s time swap your al desko lunch for an al fresco one. There are plenty of cheery open spaces in the West End where you can enjoy not only the beautiful sunshine but the bustling streets of Leicester Square, Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square. Whilst they are all intrinsically different, they all have one thing in common – they’re within a small radius of Chinatown, which means, wait for it, you won’t go hungry. Here are seven of the best places in Chinatown to grab a tasty takeaway lunch on the go.

Hung’s Chinese Restaurant

Roast duck from Hung’s

Savoury, succulent and freshly made, Hung’s roast duck with rice is hailed as some of the best roast duck in Chinatown. If duck isn’t your thing, you can also try their char shiu (BBQ pork) with rice, as well as roast chicken. Get yours to go and quaff with chopsticks outside.


Famous katsu curry from Misato

A popular but low-key Japanese eatery hidden on Wardour Street, its name translates to “Beautiful Miles”, but what’s really beautiful about Misato is their famous katsu curry – a mild curry with battered chicken and rice. Oh, and did we mention their bento boxes and sushi?

Baozi Inn

Legendary dumplings from Baozi Inn

At the Sichuan cuisine-serving Baozi Inn, the level of spiciness is weaponised to give you a kick strong enough to replace your afternoon coffee. After its legendary dumplings, Ma La Tang, or ‘hot-pot-on-the-go’, is the dish Baozi Inn most famous for. Dripping with red oil and packed with seaweed leaves, sliced lotus roots and black fungus (all classic Chengdu hot pot ingredients) it’s an authentically feisty dish with attitude.

C&R Café

Transport yourself straight to Penang at C&R

C&R Café is a two-storey Malaysian hidden gem tucked down Rupert Court. From Nasi Goram to Nasi Lemak, all the best dishes from the east border of the Pacific Ocean can be found on the menu. You’ll be transported straight to Penang.

Pho & Bun

Bao burger pho & bun

Stuffed steamed bao burger from Pho & Bun

In Vietnam, Bun is not bun. It means rice. Pho, a French-later-turn-global word for Vietnamese vermicelli, is pronounced strangely as “fuh”. But all this confusion can’t overshadow the deliciousness of Pho & Bun’s lunch choices. Get one of their generously stuffed steamed bao burgers to go and you’ll be sorted till dinner.

Jen’s Café


Watch the dumplings being made in the window of Jen Cafe

One of the best places to not only eat dumplings but watch them being made in the window. The dumpling masters are flattening the wrap, stuffing, wrapping, and prepping the dumplings right in front of your very eyes.



Grab yourself a butifarra at Butifarra

The Latin-American flavours of Peru have infiltrated Chinatown’s streets by way of Butifarra. Named after the beloved street food snack, a mighty meaty roll filled with salsa and sauces, no lunchtime would be complete without one of these bad boys to chow down on. Check out their ceviche-sushi hybrid too, it’s delicious.

New Oversea Chinese Restaurant

Their BBQ roast pork buns have your name on them

Fancy some early hour dim sum? New Overseas Chinese Restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Chinatown to serve dim sum before noon time. In fact, in China dim sum is for the day time only. Their BBQ roast pork buns have your name on them.

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