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Where to visit in Chinatown this Easter for an eggscellent time

mini egg tart

Have an Easter eggstravaganza, Chinatown-style by sampling one of these tasty egg dishes. Now let’s get cracking!


If you’re sick of gorging on eggs of the chocolate variety at Easter, take a trip to Chinatown to experience the awesome ovum in its natural state. Eggs are a staple ingredient in Chinese food so here’s five ways to dine on it and where to find the delectable eggy dishes. If you do pay a visit be sure to share your snaps with us on Instagram @ChinatownLondon.

Hong Kong Egg Custard Tart

Hong Kong Egg Custard Tart

For the centuries Hong Kong has been an international trading port, the city has been absorbing other culture’s food delicacies. One such snack is the Portuguese egg custard tart, which is now ubiquitous in Chinese teahouses and restaurants. With a sweet creamy centre encased in a rich, flaky pastry, the egg custard tart makes the perfect sweet treat on its own or after dinner dessert.

Find Mini Egg Tarts at: Golden Dragon

Taiwanese Oyster Omelette

Taiwanese Oyster Omelette

One of Taiwan’s most popular street foods, the oyster omelette, is indeed an omelette – but not as we know it. Rather than simply being made from egg, it’s mixed with flour and water to create a batter-esque consistency. Served folded like a pancake housing a sprinkling of oysters and topped with a spicy sweet chilli sauce, the Taiwanese oyster omelette is the ultimate street food snack.

Find Taiwanese Oyster Omelettes at Old Tree Daiwan Dee 

Bubble Egg Waffle

Here’s a waffle that’s not only made from eggs but is egg shaped too! The bubble waffle started life in 1950s Hong Kong when savvy market traders created waffle machines to use up broken eggs. Hexagonal shaped with giant spherical bumps, they’re rolled up and served sweet or savoury with many-a tasty filling.

Find Avocado Egg wraps at BubbleWrap

Steamed Eggs

Steamed Eggs

This is a traditional Chinese comfort food and method of cooking eggs resulting in a silky-smooth jelly-like dish. Think: firm egg soup, lightly seasoned with soy or sesame oil. Beaten eggs are mixed with water and poured into a dish and steamed on a high heat until firm and bouncy. Topped with spring onion, steamed egg is a must-eat.

Find steamed eggs at Dumplings Legend


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