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5 Things You Never Knew You Could Do in Chinatown London

Chinatown London is full of surprises. Discover its hidden secrets here and learn how it offers far more than just fab food.

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How to navigate a Chinese supermarket

Head for these items next time you stop by

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A three-hour food tour of Chinatown

Let us be your tour guide to get the most out of Chinatown

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The most romantic things to do in Chinatown this Qixi

Want to woo your lover this Qixi? Here’s the best ways to steal their heart on Chinese Valentine’s Day in Chinatown London.

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Why do Chinese people eat zongzi during duanwujie? And what has this to do with Dragon Boats?

Want to get your hands on a zongzi during this year’s Dragon Boat Festival? Head down to SeeWoo Supermarket, New Loon Moon Supermarket, Wonderful Patisserie and many other places in Chinatown.

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Where to score your tea-fix in Chinatown this National Tea Day

From bubble tea to lovely loose-leaf, Chinatown is the home to teas galore and the best place to visit this National Tea Day.

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