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Get to know what makes China tick culturally, from its historical past to the latest tech trends

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Cantonese Cuisine: A Potted History

Discover the origins of one of the world’s most cherished cuisines: Cantonese.

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Ode to the Humble Chopstick

One of the oldest and simplest dining accouterments in the world, chopsticks are the Far East’s weapon of choice.

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The history of tea

Britain may love its tea, but few people realise that its origins lie not in the empire and India, but that it made a much longer journey here that started much earlier in China.

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Chinatown London wishes you a happy Chinese New Year!

How to be part of Chinatown London’s unmissable Chinese New Year celebrations in 2017

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So you think you know Chinese New Year… (Part 2)

Chinese New Year is more than just lanterns and dragon dances, but reaches out to a wide range of cuisines, nationalities and people.

Shuang Shuang, Good Friend & Pho & Bun tell us exactly what Chinese New Year means to them, and how you can authentically celebrate it in Chinatown.

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So you think you know Chinese New Year… (Part 1)

Red lanterns, dragon dances and everything splashed in red. This is what we typically imagine when we think of Chinese New Year. But what does it really mean to those who celebrate it across the world? We invited the veterans of Chinatown to tell us what the New Year means to them and their most cherished memories of the festival.

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