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Get to know what makes China tick culturally, from its historical past to the latest tech trends

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When is a Chinese dish not a Chinese dish?

From General Tso’s Chicken to chop suey, find out how Chinese dishes were adapted to suit Western palates

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Faces of Chinatown: Viet Food’s Jeff Tan

Discover Jeff Tan’s story; one of Chinatown’s most prestigious chefs and the man behind Vietnamese hotspot, Viet Food.

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Chinatown London on screen and in song

Discover what films, TV shows and songs have featured Chinatown London.

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How to decorate your home for Chinese New Year

Get your home Chinese New Year ready with our guide on how to adorn it with traditional decorations including lanterns and paper cuttings.

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Fun things to do with your kids at the Chinese New Year 2018 celebrations

From side-splitting kids theatre to entertaining dressing-up, Chinese New Year in London presents endless fun activities for children.

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8 Things you need to know about Chinese New Year

From symbolic traditions to tasty celebratory dishes, discover the compelling history and practices of the incredible Chinese New Year celebrations.

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