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Hawker Street brings a Holy Trinity of dining options to Chinatown

Get set for a street-food extravaganza like no other as Hawker Street has arrived in Chinatown London.

A new three-floor dining experience has arrived in Chinatown London, uniting both pan-Asian street food and contemporary takes on classic dishes. Hawker Street on Newport Place is set to revolutionise Chinatown’s approach to street food with its ground floor devoted entirely to the ever-popular style of eating.

There’s up to 15 different types of street food available to take away inspired by Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese and other regional Asian dishes. Think; Macau-style pork chop burgers, flavoursome curry fish balls and soup dumplings to go. You can even grab an ever-popular bubble-shaped egg waffle or custard bun from the Hawker Street’s hatch out on the street.

Himalayan salt slab

On the first floor, diners can plot up on a seat and order Budae Jjigae – a spicy Korean hotpot loaded with noodles and sausage – the perfect winter warmer. Also available are dishes uniquely prepared on a Himalayan salt slab. Expect prawns, squid and steak superbly seasoned from the saltiness of the block. Pink Himalayan salt is known for its super healthy, high-mineral properties too.

Dessert-wise Hawker Street will be dispensing beautiful bingsu – a shaved ice in peanut, mango and green tea flavours, along with zingy Hong Kong pineapple buns.

On the top floor? That’s where the kitchen magic happens.

Hawker Street, 8 Newport Place, W1

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