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Far East Bakery and Restaurant

13 Gerrard St, London W1D 5PS How to get here

Far East Bakery and Restaurant (Gerrard Street) | Cantonese

Established in 1962, Far East’s daily-baked buns and pastries have been luring in customers for over 50 years. The aroma of their freshly baked goods, warming in a cabinet by the window, grabs you by the nostrils and draws you inwards.

Sweet and savoury delights are on offer at Far East – from Red Bean Fritters, Coconut Rolls to Roast Pork Buns and Portuguese-style Custard Tarts. Their Lotus Seed Buns are something to behold – pillowy and fat, topped with sesame seeds, with a caramelly, nutty, lotus-paste centre. Did we mention they do steamed dim sum too? Try the Har Kau Prawn Dumplings.

With wooden, barn-esque beams and old images of pastoral scenes emblazoning the walls, the small café has a rustic, homely vibe where you’re welcome any time. Much of Chinatown doesn’t kick into gear until lunchtime, but Far East is open for breakfast, so why not grab a mid-morning Congee with Bean Curd and Peanuts, and a Lemon Honey Tea?

Should you drop by later in the day, there’s plenty of Sichuanese and Cantonese dishes to wet your appetite – think piping hot noodle soups aplenty and wok-fried light meals.

Next time you’re in Chinatown just follow your nose and you’ll find Far East Bakery and Restaurant.

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