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Kowloon Restaurant and Bakery

21-22 Gerrard St, London W1D 6JH How to get here

Kowloon (Gerrard Street) | Cantonese Restaurant & Bakery

Taking its name from a northern district of Hong Kong, Kowloon is a restaurant and bakery split into two halves, serving up traditional Cantonese buffet dishes on the right-hand side and delectable Chinese pastries and desserts on the left.

It’s the moreish Chinese pastries that make Kowloon special. The crust of their Lotus Seed Bun is crispy but not too dry, containing carefully prepared lotus-seed paste, with a nutty, toffee sweetness.

Another Kowloon must-have is their Sesame Seed Balls, stuffed with red bean paste. The deep-frying process fully releases the fragrance of sesame seeds, and gives the tender glutinous rice ball a thin layer of crispy crust. The sweet aroma of smooth, refined red bean paste makes it a perfect finger food with tea.

Tired of those dull, assembly-line Egg Custard Buns? Kowloon’s Custard Buns, with shredded coconut paste, will definitely be a rewarding treat. The innovative formula combines the thick, creamy flavour of coconut paste with the rich fragrance of milk.

On a buffet tip, for a fixed price, it’s all you can eat, so undo that belt notch and tuck into as much Cantonese as you can handle.

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