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Little Lamb

72 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 6NA How to get here

Little Lamb (Shaftesbury Avenue) | Chinese Hot Pot

Big beautiful bowls of bubbling stock are what Shaftesbury Avenue’s Little Lamb do best. Specialising in traditional Mongolian-inspired hot pot, Little Lamb’s small, low-key, café-style eatery offers a cosy and relaxed communal dining experience for those seeking flavour over frills.

For the uninitiated, hot pot is a traditional Chinese stew, cooked on a hot plate at your table. One pot per table, for you all to share.

The best part is just how customisable it is. First, you choose your broth – at Little Lamb you can choose between a Nourishing Herbal Tonic Pot, Special Spicy Pot, or a Mushroom and Tomato Pot. Can’t decide? Combine with a Twin or Triple Flavours Pot.

Next up, the fun part – choosing what to pimp your pot with. The more ingredients, the merrier. From wafer-thin raw pork and beef to cuttlefish or squid, pak choi, fresh tofu and BBQ meat skewers, the options are endless.

Finally, it’s all about the sauce to dip your freshly-cooked ingredients in. You can opt for Sesame, Leek Flower or Sha Cha Sauce (a mixture of garlic, shallots, chili and soya bean oil).

Little Lamb is perhaps an apt name for a place that specialises in wafer-thin, tender slices of…you guessed it…lamb. But so much is good about this place, like their bargainous hot pot set meal for two with one stock and five ingredients, all for under £25.

Dunk and devour.

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