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New World Chinese Restaurant

1 Gerrard Pl, London W1D 5PA How to get here

New World Chinese Restaurant (Gerrard Place) | Cantonese

It’s not hard to be overwhelmed perusing a lengthy dim sum menu which could stretch to China and back. But New World Chinese Restaurant is the only Chinatown restaurant to adopt the traditional Cantonese practice of wheeling out their dim sum on trolleys, so it’s easier to select whatever tickles your taste buds – or nostrils – as it goes past your table.

From Steamed Pork Ribs in Black Bean Sauce to salty-yet-soft Chicken Claws, or firm Rice Rolls with Prawn, whatever you choose you’ll be onto a winner.

You can’t miss New World’s exterior – bright scarlet and finished with a pagoda-style canopy. Inside the vibe is very much classic oriental banqueting with large multi-seater tables and commanding giant lanterns.

Opening early at 11am, it’s a great spot if you’re after a spot of Asian brunch. Like a bowl of porridge with century eggs and shredded slim pork – a must-try for a tasty breakfast in authentic Cantonese style.

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