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Wonderful Patisserie

45 Gerrard St, London W1D 5QQ How to get here

Wonderful Patisserie (Gerrard Street) | Chinese Bakery

Should you ever find yourself sauntering around Chinatown needing a sugary fix, ensure you make a beeline for its main thoroughfare, Gerrard Street, and swing by the Wonderful Patisserie bakery, located near the Newport Place end.

One of a handful of bakeries in Chinatown, what makes Wonderful Patisserie so, well, wonderful, is that they’re not just about the cakes ‘n’ bakes. They also dispense a plethora of tasty imported snacks and nibbles like Taiwanese jackfruit chips, bamboo charcoal peanuts and everyone’s favourite chocolate-filled bear snack – Hello Panda biscuits. It’s a veritable treasure trove of treats.

When it comes to their bakes, little tasty hunks of savoury Red Bean Chess Cake, and Mung Bean or Salted Egg pastries line their shelves next to exotically perfumed jasmine and rose ornamental-looking Momoyama Mooncakes. Made with kidney bean paste, egg yolk, milk and cream, Momoyama is a newly-developed layer of the Japanese mooncake and famous for its silky-smooth texture.

If you fancy a fun challenge, try eating one of their doorstop-size slices of vivid green Pandan Triangle Sponge Cake in one go.
Wonderful Patisserie truly is a guaranteed spot to satisfy even the most ardent sweet tooth.

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