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Speciality: Bubble Tea

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Chinese Tapas House

Chinese fast food at its finest, pop to Chinese Tapas House for a tasty, quick light bite.

Old Tree Daiwan Bee

All the traditional tastes of Taiwan come alive at Rupert Street’s Old Tree Daiwan Bee.

Happy Lemon

It’s bubble tea and beyond at Happy Lemon’s zany tea emporium on Newport Court.


Café TPT

Café TPT brings all the flavours of authentic Chinese and Malaysian street food to Chinatown.

C&R Café

Lusting over Laska? Nuts about Nasi Lemak? Rupert Court’s C&R Café is Chinatown’s best-kept secret for authentic Malaysian cuisine.

Candy Café

Chinatown’s Candy Café is a go-to spot that’ll satisfy any sweet tooth with their authentic Asian desserts and bubble teas.