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The Best Places to go for Dumplings in Chinatown

On the hunt for delectable dumplings? Make a beeline for these irresistible restaurants.

China Modern

Contemporary Chinese noodle and dumpling restaurant

RECIPE: Ken Hom’s Dim Sum-Style Pork & Prawn Dumplings

Iconic chef, author and broadcaster, Ken Home OBE shares this must-cook recipe for his perfectly plump Pork & Prawn Dumplings.

RECIPE: Ken Hom’s Sichuan Dumplings in Spicy Sauce

Prepare this recipe for piquant pork dumplings in a lively chili sauce at home, exclusively from superstar chef, author and broadcaster, Ken Home OBE.

Three adventurous Chinese delicacies you must try in Chinatown London

From chicken feet to duck tongue, don’t be scared, take the culinary plunge and try these daredevil dishes next time you’re in Chinatown London.

Cha-ching! Your guide to tea in Chinatown London

From fruity bubble tea and marvelous matcha to traditional tips, discover the best places to go for tea in Chinatown London.

Four spring Asian vegetables you must try

Spring has well and truly sprung, and with it, comes these seasonal Asian ingredients, from crunchy bamboo shoots to lively yellow chives.

The boom of Bubblewrap

One of Chinatown London’s runaway success stories, Bubblewrap’s Hong Kong egg waffles have taken the Capital by storm. Here’s why.

INSIDE: Opium Chinatown London

A true hidden gem of Chinatown London, Opium is a secret drinking den for discerning sippers that demand magical mixology and a seductive vibe.


Go mental for matcha at TSUJIRI, a 155-year old tea house putting a modern spin on their drool-worthy matcha-infused sundaes and desserts.

Shu Xiang Ge

Heavenly hot pot, Sichuan style, Shu Xiangge Chinatown serve up beautiful bubbling bowls of the communal dish in elegant surroundings.

The best dim sum restaurants in London’s West End

On the hunt for delectable dim sum? Make a beeline for these irresistible restaurants.

Sweet Lotus root slices stuffed with sticky rice

Healthy, tasty and lovely to look at, the lotus root is one hero ingredient. Cook this simple recipe featuring lotus root stuffed with sticky rice.

What to Order at Golden Dragon

When dining at Chinatown London’s Golden Dragon, consider these five uniquely delicious dishes to discover something new.

Where and How to Eat Hot Pot in Chinatown London

It’s time to get your hot pot on! The only question is: how spicy is too spicy?

Around Asia in 80 dishes at New China Restaurant

Expand your culinary horizons by trying some unusual regional Chinese dishes you’ve likely never heard of at New China Restaurant.

Meet jianbing: your new favourite street food

A Chinese breakfast of champions, discover the jianbing and why it’s one of the country’s most popular street food snacks.

Marvellous mooncakes

Filled with a sweet surprise, mooncakes are one of China’s most beloved treats for Autumn Festival. Discover how to cook this iconic Chinese bake with our recipe.


In honour of these scrumptious parcels of perfection, there’s a National Dumpling Day. You can seek out the most distinguished dim sum in Chinatown at these restaurants.

Best Places to go in Chinatown: National Dumpling Day 2017

Chicken & pork pot-sticker dumpling

Part steamed, part fried these delicious pot-sticker dumplings are both smooth, crispy and stuffed with a flavourful filling.

Opium’s new cocktail menu is written in the stars

Look to your horoscope to discover which of Opium’s new Chinese zodiac cocktails you should sample.

Home-made pearl milk tea

How to make your own delicious bubble tea at home

The best Asian summer fruits to cool you down in the summer heat

Our five fave fruits to keep you refreshed on a hot July's day

Calling all students! Get an awesome 25% off at Baiwei

Students: do you want an amazing 25% of your bill at Baiwei? Of course you do! Here’s how to get it.

Xionghuang wine – a deadly Chinese custom

Would you drink a wine that’s been laced with arsenic? The Chinese do every Dragon Boat Festival…

xionghuang wine

Where to go for vegetarian and vegan delights in Chinatown

Discover why Chinatown London isn’t just a meat-lovers paradise as we reveal some of its best vegetarian dishes.

Four Asian ingredients you should invite into your kitchen

Give your cupboards an exotic upgrade with these unusual Asian ingredients and find out where to sample them in Chinatown London

Sizzling ginger chicken stir-fry recipe

Find out how to cook this noisy but oh-so delicious Chinese sizzling ginger chicken stir-fry at home

ginger chicken stir fry

5 places to beat your hangover in Chinatown

Shredded pork stir-fry with yellow chives and oyster mushroom

Discover how to incorporate the Chinese yellow chive into your cooking with this simple stir-fry.

shredded pork stir-fry with yellow chives and oyster mushroom

Three flipping great alternative pancakes to try this Pancake Day from Chinatown London

Chinatown London has plenty of quirky pancake alternatives to indulge in this Pancake Day

chinatown london-old tree daiwan bee oyster omelette

10 ways to eat Chicken in Chinatown

There are an infinite number of ways chicken is prepared and served in Chinatown, here’s ten must-eat dishes and where to sample them.

How to make bird’s nest soup

Five Asian dishes to warm your belly (and soul) this winter

Bao burger pho & bun

Ravishing Roast Peking Duck

Welcome a slice of authentic Chinese cuisine into your home with our drool-worthy roast Peking duck recipe.

chinatown london-roast duck peking

Bean supreme – Chinese dry-fried green beans

Discover what’s delicious about charred Chinese dry-fried green beans. You’ll never look at the little fellas in the same way again.

Fried bean

Mongolian vs Sichuan – who wins the hot pot war?

From horsemen’s helmets to restaurant dinner tables, discover the 1000-year history of the Chinese Hot Pot.

hot pot

Shui Zhu Yu – what’s in a name?

Behind its innocuous name, Shui Zhu Yu has a rather punchy surprise.

shui zhu yu

Kung Pao Chicken – The way Sichuan intended

From a region that is known for packing a hot punch, Kung Pao Chicken brings the heat, but only when made the traditional way.

Kung Pao

Why Husband and Wife’s Offal Slices are not what you think

From humble beginnings to world domination, Sichuan Beef in Chilli Sauce has another name like no other. Here’s the story behind it…


Say hello to China’s ultimate comfort food

Quick to make, colourful and damn tasty, what’s not to love about Chinese Tomato Egg Stir-fry?


Zongzi making and Dragon Boat – only for the brave of heart

Discover why the Chinese celebrate Dragon Boat Festival with sticky rice treats called zongzi.


Yang Rou Chuan (meat skewers) recipe

Originating from Xinjiang, Yang Rou Chuan (meat skewers) has taken China’s street food markets by storm. Simple to make, here’s how to easily bring the taste of China into your home.


How to make Spicy Chicken Cubes

Simple to make, yet packed with flavour and heat, if you like your Sichuan food authentically spicy, this is the recipe for you.

Snacks allowed – Chee Cheong Fun

Experience Hong Kong like a local by eating delicate fun breakfast snack Chee Cheong Fun.


Take a bao

Asian street food has become a big deal – and big business – in London, where bun-hungry diners can’t get enough of bao.

The bubble that won’t burst

Hubble, bubble toil and trouble – why this Taiwanese drink is popping up all over the place.

Seven Chinese-inspired cocktails from Opium

The imaginative cocktails at Chinatown’s Opium pay homage to Chinese traditions.


Sacred chicken feet

Spot phoenix claws on the menu? Discover more about the Chinese chicken feet delicacy and how to eat them like a pro.


Chinese Tapas House

Chinese fast food at its finest, pop to Chinese Tapas House for a tasty, quick light bite.

Tao Tao Ju

A hop, skip and jump from Leicester Square, Lisle Street’s Tao Tao Ju offers a refined Cantonese and Sichuanese dining experience.

London Chinatown Restaurant

London Chinatown Restaurant has been cooking up a storm on Gerrard Street for over thirty-five years.

londonchinatown restaurant

Lido Chinese Restaurant

Aside from excellent Cantonese cuisine, Wardour Street’s Lido serves up a rather nice little number of global wines.

lido chinatown front door

Kowloon Restaurant and Bakery

Delicious fresh bakes and Cantonese cuisine make for a winning combination at Kowloon.


Hong Kong Buffet

All you can eat for a fixed price, Chinatown’s Hong Kong Buffet is a fast and affordable Chinese food destination.

hong kong buffet front door


Expect witty, fine dining-esque takes on Far Eastern dishes at Chinatown’s Haozhan.

haozhan front

Gourmet Kitchen

A traditional Chinese restaurant in London’s Chinatown, serving authentic Cantonese food on Lisle Street, Gourmet Kitchen has a little bit of everything.


Gerrard’s Corner

Plentiful set meals, dim sum and traditional Asian drinks make Gerrard’s Corner an attractive spot in Chinatown.

gerrard corner

Wong Kei

Once known as the ‘Rudest Restaurant in London’, Cantonese restaurant Wong Kei has turned over a new leaf and is now an utter delight to visit. With free tea and big portions.

Lotus Garden

You can’t miss Chinatown’s Lotus Garden, shaped like a traditional Chinese pagoda, the grand restaurant has a large Cantonese and Pekinese menu.

Wonderful Patisserie

Wonderful Patisserie is a top-notch, bucket-list Chinese patisserie, baking authentic Asian pastries in London’s Chinatown. Yum, yum.


Little Four Seasons

Giant bubbling cauldrons of flavoursome Cantonese goodness. It’s all about the Hot Pot at Chinatown’s Little Four Seasons.

Little Lamb

For first-rate authentic Chinese stew, Chinatown’s Little Lamb (not to be confused with Mary’s) is the hot pot hotspot.


Golden Dragon

A hit with Chinese, Londoners and celebs alike, Golden Dragon provides dim sum by day and a mixture of Cantonese and Pekinese by night.

golden dragon

Four Seasons

Small plates – but big on taste – will keep you coming back, again and again, at Four Seasons on Wardour Street. Be sure to come hungry.

Plum Valley

Zen is the order of the day in this evolutionary Cantonese restaurant on Gerrard Street, from the décor right through to the dishes.

Orient London

For seafood and dim sum, Cantonese-style, head to this minimalistic restaurant on Wardour Street where tradition is key to their huge success.

Old Tree Daiwan Bee

All the traditional tastes of Taiwan come alive at Rupert Street’s Old Tree Daiwan Bee.

Leong’s Legend

Authentic Taiwanese street food in a cosy setting, Leong’s Legend is bringing the outside in. It’s time to pull up a chair.

Imperial China

Lisle Street’s Imperial China is a three-storey banqueting paradise, fit for an emperor. And fully equipped with private-dining karaoke.

Four Seasons

Feng Shui Inn

Discover the secret behind some of the best dim sum Chinatown has to offer at Feng Shui Inn.


Dumplings’ Legend

Dumplings’ Legend has done for soup dumplings what Pelé did for football, making this Chinatown restaurant a must-visit.

Chinatown Bakery

A full Chinese bakery serving pork buns and sweet treats, with a mesmerising Taiyaki machine creating Japanese red bean cakes.

Café TPT

Café TPT brings all the flavours of authentic Chinese and Malaysian street food to Chinatown.


Canton’s friendly and good value Chinese BBQ and street food makes for popular, honest fare at one of Chinatown’s oldest restaurants.

Beijing Dumpling

Dumplings are the taste of China and, at Beijing Dumpling, good things do come in small packages.

Beijing Dumpling厨房

Chinatown Bakery Presents Tong Tea

Good Friend

Good Friend Chicken brings Taiwanese night-market food to the heart of Chinatown. And it’s sooooooo good.