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Four Foodie Reasons to Visit Chinatown this Winter

Check out these four foodie Chinatown destinations that will blow the winter blues away in one tasty flourish.

chinese brunch

Fabulous fast food – Japanese-style rice with beef

Cook one of Japan’s most beloved, tasty fast-food dishes, Yoshinoya-style beef with rice.

What it takes to be a sushi chef

The next time you eat sushi at a top Japanese restaurant, spare a sigh of awe for the man who’s prepared it. His is not the easiest job to attain. It demands an almost samurai-level of devotion, a love – obsession, even – for white grains and the raw stuff. This is a pact for life.

The bubble that won’t burst

Hubble, bubble toil and trouble – why this Taiwanese drink is popping up all over the place.

Shibuya Soho

From ice cream to curry and sushi to sake, you name it, Shibuya Soho has got every Japanese culinary base covered.

Shibuya Soho 菜品


A wildly popular Japanese eatery, Chinatown’s Misato combines awesome value for money with real-deal cuisine.


Chinatown Bakery

A full Chinese bakery serving pork buns and sweet treats, with a mesmerising Taiyaki machine creating Japanese red bean cakes.



来伦敦中国城Wardour Street 的 Bake品尝最正宗的亚洲糕点。不仅有港式菠萝包,台湾咸菜多拿滋,日本抹茶蛋糕卷,还有鲷鱼烧抹茶冰淇淋等着你!快来让您的味蕾体验一下亚洲糕点博览会。

bake fish waffle green tea ice cream