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Chinatown goes global with these international restaurants

Vietnamese. Malaysian. Even Mediterranean! Chinatown London has a super-global outlook when it comes to international cuisine.

vietnamese rolls

Doughnut Time

Gooey fillings. Madcap toppings. Lip-licking flavours. You can bet your bottom dollar it’s Doughnut Time! A mouthwatering doughnut emporium in Chinatown London.


Sumptuous seafood in a super-stylish setting, Hovarda presents delicious Aegean-inspired cuisine with great cocktails and DJs at weekends.


Up-scaling Korean BBQ like nowhere else, Olle is a stylish dining destination for delicious, DIY-cooked meats.

Top 3 Taiwanese dishes in Chinatown London

Where to get an authentic taste of Taipei in Chinatown London.

Opium’s new cocktail menu is written in the stars

Look to your horoscope to discover which of Opium’s new Chinese zodiac cocktails you should sample.

Taiyaki: the sweetest fish you’ll ever eat

If you keep up to date with foodie news, you'll definitely have seen these fish-shaped treats getting a lot of love online recently. But taiyaki are by no means a new foodie trend, in fact their history spans over 100 years.

The buzz about bingsu

Where bingsu came from and why you should try it this summer

The best Asian summer fruits to cool you down in the summer heat

Our five fave fruits to keep you refreshed on a hot July's day

Where to go for vegetarian and vegan delights in Chinatown

Discover why Chinatown London isn’t just a meat-lovers paradise as we reveal some of its best vegetarian dishes.

International Eats: The best non-Chinese restaurants in Chinatown

Where to experience some superlative international cuisine in Chinatown – and not a dumpling in sight.


Putting a sugary-sweet 21st century spin on one of Hong Kong’s biggest street snacks, Bubblewrap in Chinatown is a dessert parlour with a difference.

10 ways to eat Chicken in Chinatown

There are an infinite number of ways chicken is prepared and served in Chinatown, here’s ten must-eat dishes and where to sample them.

Five Asian dishes to warm your belly (and soul) this winter

Bao burger pho & bun

Four Foodie Reasons to Visit Chinatown this Winter

Check out these four foodie Chinatown destinations that will blow the winter blues away in one tasty flourish.

chinese brunch

Fabulous fast food – Japanese-style rice with beef

Cook one of Japan’s most beloved, tasty fast-food dishes, Yoshinoya-style beef with rice.

Why The Light Lounge’s Heartbreaker will make you fall in love

Bitter, yet sweet, The Light Lounge’s Heartbreaker cocktail is a deliciously unlikely taste bud sensation

伦敦中国城-The Light Lounge鸡尾酒

The Curious Origins of Oxtail Soup (Sop Buntut)

Discover the Eastern mythology behind oxtail soup - one of China’s most beloved dishes - and what makes it such a nourishing, stick-to-your-ribs treat.

Hittin’ the sweet spot

Why avocados are a mean, green, "sweet and savoury" cuisine machine and how to make a Southeast Asian avocado milkshake.


What it takes to be a sushi chef

The next time you eat sushi at a top Japanese restaurant, spare a sigh of awe for the man who’s prepared it. His is not the easiest job to attain. It demands an almost samurai-level of devotion, a love – obsession, even – for white grains and the raw stuff. This is a pact for life.

The bubble that won’t burst

Hubble, bubble toil and trouble – why this Taiwanese drink is popping up all over the place.

Seven Chinese-inspired cocktails from Opium

The imaginative cocktails at Chinatown’s Opium pay homage to Chinese traditions.


Oooh-la Laksa!

A potted history of Curry Laksa, one of Malaysia’s most sumptuous soups.

C & R 叻沙

The Palomar

High-end modern Middle-Eastern cuisine, originating from the Holy City of Jerusalem.


Little Korea

A unique restaurant in Chinatown, serving up a well-balanced double whammy of Japanese and Korean cuisine.

little korea

Rasa Sayang

A perfect marriage between old and new, this delicious eatery is a true celebration of Malaysia and Singapore’s vibrant street food culture.

Viet Food

This innovative take on Vietnamese street food by Michelin-starred chef Jeff Tan won’t leave you wanting. If anything, it’ll leave you wanting more.

Shibuya Soho

From ice cream to curry and sushi to sake, you name it, Shibuya Soho has got every Japanese culinary base covered.

Shibuya Soho 菜品

Pho & Bun

Passion. Great food. And décor that’ll knock your socks off. This fun and modern take on Vietnamese street food is not to be missed.

Nusa Dua

The only Indonesian restaurant in Chinatown serving true-to-its-roots cuisine. Discover the sweet and spicy flavours of Nusa Dua’s mouth-watering dishes.

Nusa dua 外部1


A wildly popular Japanese eatery, Chinatown’s Misato combines awesome value for money with real-deal cuisine.

Chinatown Bakery

A full Chinese bakery serving pork buns and sweet treats, with a mesmerising Taiyaki machine creating Japanese red bean cakes.

Café TPT

Café TPT brings all the flavours of authentic Chinese and Malaysian street food to Chinatown.

C&R Café

Lusting over Laska? Nuts about Nasi Lemak? Rupert Court’s C&R Café is Chinatown’s best-kept secret for authentic Malaysian cuisine.

Chinatown Bakery Presents Tong Tea