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When is a Chinese dish not a Chinese dish?

From General Tso’s Chicken to chop suey, find out how Chinese dishes were adapted to suit Western palates

Chinatown London: A potted history

Join us for a whistle-stop tour down Chinatown London’s memory lane as we revisit its colourful history.

Qing Ming Festival : A time to honour ancestors

A time of joy and sadness, Qing Ming Festival celebrates the rebirth of spring whilst remembering deceased loved ones.

Qing Tuan

Ode to the Humble Chopstick

One of the oldest and simplest dining accouterments in the world, chopsticks are the Far East’s weapon of choice.

chinatown london-chopsticks

The history of tea

Britain may love its tea, but few people realise that its origins lie not in the empire and India, but that it made a much longer journey here that started much earlier in China.


Why Husband and Wife’s Offal Slices are not what you think

From humble beginnings to world domination, Sichuan Beef in Chilli Sauce has another name like no other. Here’s the story behind it…


Hittin’ the sweet spot

Why avocados are a mean, green, "sweet and savoury" cuisine machine and how to make a Southeast Asian avocado milkshake.


Oooh-la Laksa!

A potted history of Curry Laksa, one of Malaysia’s most sumptuous soups.

C & R 叻沙