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Eight things you need to know about Lunar New Year

Discover the 8 things you need to know about Lunar New Year.

Christmas Specials in Chinatown

Team Rice or Team Noodle

Yolé | Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt


Christmas Parties in Chinatown London

ShaXian Delicacies

Mid-Autumn Festival Specials in Chinatown

Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival this Sunday at Moonfest UK

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Diners sitting at benches outside in Chinatown

Joo Won at Bun House: 2 Months Only

Fried battered chicken with sauce, topped with cashews and coriander

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Two scoops of vegan sorbet. Raspberry on the left, mango mochi on the right

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5 Places for Indoor Drinks and Dining in Chinatown

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Wing Wing

International Women’s Day Zoom Panel: #StrongAsAWoman

Join Chinatown London's #StrongAsAWoman Zoom Panel, celebrating International Women's Day with Jenny Lau and selected guests.

Lunar New Year Recipes | Kim-Joy

Celebrate the Year of The Ox with these ox inspired recipes from Great British Bake Off Star Kim- Joy.

Lunar New Year Recipes | Ping Coombes

To celebrate the Year of the Ox, Masterchef Champion Ping Coombes shares her take on two marvellous Lunar New Year celebratory dishes which you can recreate at home.

Year of the Tiger

Best Winter Warming Eats from Chinatown London

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Lunar New Year Giveaway Terms and Conditions


Japanese Cake Boutique well-known for their 30-layered mille crêpe cake.

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Over The Moon Trail

Over the Moon trail in celebration of Netflix's new movie.

Send A Lucky Wish

Send a lucky wish to Chinatown London

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Curated Writers’ Series

Yunique Tea

Bubble Tea delights in Chinatown London.

Woo Tea

Handmade Artisan Bubble Tea in Chinatown London

The Chinese Art of Paper Cutting: A Step-By-Step Guide

A simple guide to the art of Chinese Paper Cutting with printable PDF templates.

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