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Celebratory Lunar New Year dishes from Chinatown London

Tradition and symbolism are at the heart of Chinese New Year feasts. Explore these 8 foods and learn why they're essential at the Chinese New Year dinner table.

Prepare for Lunar New Year with Ox and Humble Dumpling

Winter Solstice Festival (Dongzhi Festival)

Discover these (but controversial) Chinese Winter Solstice treats which spark a nationwide social media war.

The best dim sum restaurants in London’s West End Copy Copy

On the hunt for delectable dim sum? Make a beeline for these irresistible restaurants.

The Best Places to go for Dumplings in Chinatown

On the hunt for delectable dumplings? Make a beeline for these irresistible restaurants.

Celebrating the Women of Chinatown London this International Women’s Day

Meet some of Chinatown London’s most inspirational women who’ve helped shape the area to the diverse destination it is today.

Marcella Chan ContemPLATE print prize draw

Best Late-Night Bars in Chinatown London

5 dessert parlours to try in Chinatown London

Did you know Chinatown London is home to an incredible array of dessert parlours that serve pretty-as-a-picture puds? Here's our Easter round-up.

Where to experience fine dining in Chinatown

Did you know Chinatown London has an ever-growing array of sophisticated eateries serving ultra-refined cuisine? Prepare to expand your culinary horizons and discover where to experience fine dining in Chinatown

Drink your way around China with Opium’s new city-inspired cocktail menu

Head off on A Journey Through China at Opium’s Peony bar in Chinatown London and sip your way across ten of its cities, from Guangzhou to Guiyang.

Delve into Chinatown London’s fascinating past on an immersive walking tour with China Exchange

Get up close and personal with the sights, sounds, smells and history of Chinatown London with a compelling walking tour courtesy of culture hotspot, China Exchange.

RECIPE: Ken Hom’s Dim Sum-Style Pork & Prawn Dumplings

Iconic chef, author and broadcaster, Ken Home OBE shares this must-cook recipe for his perfectly plump Pork & Prawn Dumplings.

INTERVIEW: A-Zhong, Plum Valley’s Head Dim Sum Chef

Meet the maverick behind some of Chinatown London’s most inventive, experimental dim sum; Plum Valley’s head dim sum chef, A-Zhong.

RECIPE: Ken Hom’s Sichuan Dumplings in Spicy Sauce

Prepare this recipe for piquant pork dumplings in a lively chili sauce at home, exclusively from superstar chef, author and broadcaster, Ken Home OBE.

Join Lord Wei for an evening of cultural conversation at China Exchange’s Above the Clouds, Below the Bamboo Ceiling workshop

What to eat in Chinatown London this National Dim Sum Week

National Dim Sum Week is a seven-day celebration of the legendary East Asian food. A chance to discover they’re so much more than just dumplings in bamboo baskets.

Three adventurous Chinese delicacies you must try in Chinatown London

From chicken feet to duck tongue, don’t be scared, take the culinary plunge and try these daredevil dishes next time you’re in Chinatown London.

VIDEO: What is dim sum?

We took to Chinatown’s streets to quiz Londoners on their knowledge of all things dim sum.

24 Hours in Guangzhou

From devastatingly good dim sum to historic buildings and picturesque parks, our essential itinerary whisks you round all Guangzhou’s unmissable highlights.

5 things you need to know about zongzi

In honour of the annual Dragon Boat Festival, we unwrap these divine little rice packages to bring you zongzi fun facts.

Visit Secrets of the Bamboo Basket at China Exchange for an evening of dim sum.

Join China Exchange for an unmissable evening of dim sum fun with star chefs, delicious delicacies and tasty tips. Book now.

Six delicious dim sum dishes you must try in Chinatown London

Steamed barbecue pork buns, tender chicken claws and slurp-able soup dumplings. Join us as we go on a culinary tour around Chinatown London’s best places for dim sum.

Learn how to play Mahjong

Fiendishly complex but fantastically fun, we give you the low-down on Mahjong, the classic Chinese board game.

Don’t miss award-winning author, Shih Chiung-Yu talking at Guanghwa Bookshop

Join award-winning author Shih Chiung-Yu at Guanghwa Bookshop for an evening of literary inspo’ and hot debates.

Celebrate National Dim Sum Week in Chinatown London

The inaugural National Dim Sum Week is coming! Discover how you can be part of this tasty East Asian food extravaganza in Chinatown London.

Faces of Chinatown: Bubblewrap’s Sunny Wu

Meet Bubblewrap’s Sunny Wu. The woman who’s revolutionised a Chinese street food staple, creating a cult dessert in the process.

Sip Cuppacha’s Limited Edition Earl of Chinatown bubble tea this National Bubble Tea day!

Chinatown London’s going popping mad this National Bubble Tea Day with Cuppacha’s bespoke Earl of Chinatown tea.

Wellness in Chinatown: Tui Na massage

Discover the invigorating ancient Chinese practice of Tui Na massage and where to experience it in Chinatown London.

Chinatown London restaurants win big at the 2018 Golden Chopsticks Awards!

Chinatown London’s restaurants brought the house down at the 2018 Golden Chopsticks Awards. Discover who won what.

当马卡龙遇上冰淇淋,就有了 Yolkin

Cha-ching! Your guide to tea in Chinatown London

From fruity bubble tea and marvelous matcha to traditional tips, discover the best places to go for tea in Chinatown London.

Healthy Asian dishes and where to eat them in Chinatown

Clean eaters rejoice! These healthy Asian dishes in Chinatown London will nourish both your palette and wellbeing.

Four spring Asian vegetables you must try

Spring has well and truly sprung, and with it, comes these seasonal Asian ingredients, from crunchy bamboo shoots to lively yellow chives.

The boom of Bubblewrap

One of Chinatown London’s runaway success stories, Bubblewrap’s Hong Kong egg waffles have taken the Capital by storm. Here’s why.

INSIDE: Opium Chinatown London

A true hidden gem of Chinatown London, Opium is a secret drinking den for discerning sippers that demand magical mixology and a seductive vibe.


Go mental for matcha at TSUJIRI, a 155-year old tea house putting a modern spin on their drool-worthy matcha-infused sundaes and desserts.

Chinatown goes global with these international restaurants

Vietnamese. Malaysian. Even Mediterranean! Chinatown London has a super-global outlook when it comes to international cuisine.

vietnamese rolls

When is a Chinese dish not a Chinese dish?

From General Tso’s Chicken to chop suey, find out how Chinese dishes were adapted to suit Western palates

Doughnut Time

Gooey fillings. Madcap toppings. Lip-licking flavours. You can bet your bottom dollar it’s Doughnut Time! A mouthwatering doughnut emporium in Chinatown London.

The Blue Posts

Cocktails at the top. Beer in the middle. Delectable dining at the bottom: Blue Posts is an elegant, freshly-revived three-story pub in Chinatown London.

How to decorate your home for Chinese New Year

Get your home Chinese New Year ready with our guide on how to adorn it with traditional decorations including lanterns and paper cuttings.

Fun things to do with your kids at the Chinese New Year 2018 celebrations

From side-splitting kids theatre to entertaining dressing-up, Chinese New Year in London presents endless fun activities for children.

8 Things you need to know about Chinese New Year

From symbolic traditions to tasty celebratory dishes, discover the compelling history and practices of the incredible Chinese New Year celebrations.

Everything you need to know about the CCTV New Year’s Gala

The annual CCTV New Year’s Gala is the biggest global TV event of the year. Learn the history of this astonishing Chinese televisual event.


Sumptuous seafood in a super-stylish setting, Hovarda presents delicious Aegean-inspired cuisine with great cocktails and DJs at weekends.

Which Chinese Zodiac sign are you?

As Chinese New Year approaches, find out your Chinese Zodiac sign and the unique origins behind it.

Shu Xiang Ge

Heavenly hot pot, Sichuan style, Shu Xiangge Chinatown serve up beautiful bubbling bowls of the communal dish in elegant surroundings.

Lumiere London is set to light up Chinatown!

Chinatown welcomes Lumiere London to its streets with a shimmering display of illuminated flamingos taking flight across the crowds.

Faces of Chinatown: Viet Food’s Jeff Tan

Discover Jeff Tan’s story; one of Chinatown’s most prestigious chefs and the man behind Vietnamese hotspot, Viet Food.

How Jewish-Americans fell in love with a Chinese Christmas dinner

Crispy duck and chow mien at Christmas? That’s how Jewish-Americans celebrate. We delve into the history of this compelling culinary custom.

Quack Quack Quack: 3 Ways to eat Duck in Chinatown

From crispy Cantonese style to drunken beer braised, there’s many different ways you can eat duck in Chinatown London.

The cosiest restaurants and bars in Chinatown

When the cold wind doth blow, and London’s streets are covered in snow, retreat to one of these wonderfully cosy Chinatown restaurants and bars.

The Best Winter Warmer Soups to Seek out in Chinatown

From steaming bowls of fragrant Vietnamese pho to traditional Chinese winter melon soup, here’s where to get your soup-fix in Chinatown.

Where to Spend Christmas Day in Chinatown

Tired of turkey? Sick of stuffing? Head to one of these restaurants in Chinatown London for an alternative Christmas Day dinner.

The best dim sum restaurants in London’s West End

On the hunt for delectable dim sum? Make a beeline for these irresistible restaurants.

Chinatown London on screen and in song

Discover what films, TV shows and songs have featured Chinatown London.

The best restaurants for kids in Chinatown

From trendy burger joints to amazing dumpling dispensaries, here’s the best restaurants for kids in Chinatown.

Five Spicy Dishes in Chinatown to warm yourself with this winter

From mouth-numbing Sichuan cuisine to feisty Indonesian fare, here’s five spicy dishes to seek out in Chinatown London.

Eat What?! An Evening of Unfamiliar Food at China Exchange

Treat your taste buds to an outrageous adventure at China Exchange’s Eat What?! An Evening of Unfamiliar Food

Get your Dumplings Legend fix at Taste of London

Chinatown’s Dumplings’ Legend are bringing their dim sum to Taste of London.

Faces of Chinatown: Iris Ma of Plum Valley

Meet Iris Ma of the cool and contemporary Plum Valley restaurant and discover her husband’s family’s captivating rags-to-riches story.

The best sushi restaurants in London’s Chinatown

In search of sensational sushi in London’s West End? Look no further than these brilliant restaurants where you can find some of the Capital’s best.

Free doughnut madness at Doughnut Time’s new Shaftesbury Avenue store!

Get your glaze on at Doughnut Time, Australia’s lip-lickingly good doughnut store. It’s arriving in Chinatown and giving away free doughnuts, to celebrate!

Sweet Lotus root slices stuffed with sticky rice

Healthy, tasty and lovely to look at, the lotus root is one hero ingredient. Cook this simple recipe featuring lotus root stuffed with sticky rice.

What to Order at Golden Dragon

When dining at Chinatown London’s Golden Dragon, consider these five uniquely delicious dishes to discover something new.

A guide to Chinatown London’s supermarkets

Expand your culinary repertoire by visiting one of these amazing Asian supermarkets next time you visit Chinatown London.

Where and How to Eat Hot Pot in Chinatown London

It’s time to get your hot pot on! The only question is: how spicy is too spicy?

MOON FEST UK comes to Chinatown London this Sunday

From dragon dances and martial arts to live music and family-friendly fun, MOON FEST UK is about to make a big splash in Chinatown London.

Michelin starred dining arrives in Chinatown at Dumplings Legend

For delectable dumplings with a fine dining finesse this autumn, look to Dumplings Legend, who’ve launched a Michelin dumpling in partnership with Pied à Terre.

The magical myth behind Mid-Autumn Festival

Discover the weird-and-wonderful legend behind the Chinese celebration, Mid-Autumn Festival.

Around Asia in 80 dishes at New China Restaurant

Expand your culinary horizons by trying some unusual regional Chinese dishes you’ve likely never heard of at New China Restaurant.


Up-scaling Korean BBQ like nowhere else, Olle is a stylish dining destination for delicious, DIY-cooked meats.

The curious history of the mooncake

Discover the triumphant story behind the magnificent mooncake – one of China’s most important delicacies eaten to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Meet jianbing: your new favourite street food

A Chinese breakfast of champions, discover the jianbing and why it’s one of the country’s most popular street food snacks.

Autumnal Eats in Chinatown London

Embrace the cooler weather this autumn and try these fantastically warm and comforting dishes in Chinatown.

Marvellous mooncakes

Filled with a sweet surprise, mooncakes are one of China’s most beloved treats for Autumn Festival. Discover how to cook this iconic Chinese bake with our recipe.

Chinatown London: A Student’s Guide

From tasty discounts to cool karaoke, discover the best student-friendly spots in Chinatown London.

Korean BBQ is coming to Chinatown by way of Olle

Chinatown London is gearing up to receive its first Korean BBQ restaurant, Olle, from the founder of Kyoto Soho.


In honour of these scrumptious parcels of perfection, there’s a National Dumpling Day. You can seek out the most distinguished dim sum in Chinatown at these restaurants.

Best Places to go in Chinatown: National Dumpling Day 2017

Chicken & pork pot-sticker dumpling

Part steamed, part fried these delicious pot-sticker dumplings are both smooth, crispy and stuffed with a flavourful filling.

Top 3 Taiwanese dishes in Chinatown London

Where to get an authentic taste of Taipei in Chinatown London.

What to order at Café TPT

A tiny eatery with an almighty menu, if you’re stuck for what to order at Café TPT in Chinatown, here’s our pick of their best dishes.

Enjoy a taste of tapas in Chinatown as Tapas Brindisa arrives on Rupert Street

With delectable small plate dishes and an awe-inspiring, giant asador grill, Tapas Brindisa is the new go-to spot for sensational Spanish cuisine in Chinatown.

The most romantic things to do in Chinatown this Qixi

Want to woo your lover this Qixi? Here’s the best ways to steal their heart on Chinese Valentine’s Day in Chinatown London.

Opium’s new cocktail menu is written in the stars

Look to your horoscope to discover which of Opium’s new Chinese zodiac cocktails you should sample.

5 Things You Never Knew You Could Do in Chinatown London

Chinatown London is full of surprises. Discover its hidden secrets here and learn how it offers far more than just fab food.

How to navigate a Chinese supermarket

Head for these items next time you stop by

Taiyaki: the sweetest fish you’ll ever eat

If you keep up to date with foodie news, you'll definitely have seen these fish-shaped treats getting a lot of love online recently. But taiyaki are by no means a new foodie trend, in fact their history spans over 100 years.

A three-hour food tour of Chinatown

Let us be your tour guide to get the most out of Chinatown


Home-made pearl milk tea

How to make your own delicious bubble tea at home

The buzz about bingsu

Where bingsu came from and why you should try it this summer

The Community Lunch at the Chinese Community Centre

A cheap lunch for a good cause in the true heart of Chinatown

The best Asian summer fruits to cool you down in the summer heat

Our five fave fruits to keep you refreshed on a hot July's day

Where to go in Chinatown this Pride in London

If there’s one thing Chinatown knows what to do it’s how to throw a good party. Here’s where to catch the best of the action this Pride in London.

Chinatown London: A potted history

Join us for a whistle-stop tour down Chinatown London’s memory lane as we revisit its colourful history.

Sugar Rush: Where to go for the best desserts in Chinatown

Step into a lip-smacking world of crazy-cool desserts in Chinatown London

bubble wrap

Calling all students! Get an awesome 25% off at Baiwei

Students: do you want an amazing 25% of your bill at Baiwei? Of course you do! Here’s how to get it.