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Best Winter Warming Eats from Chinatown London

Best Winter Warming Eats from Chinatown London

When the days are shorter, darker and colder, curling up with a warming comfort dish is the best way to get you feeling jolly. These perfectly executed comfort dishes are nourishing and a much welcomed bit of warmth in this cold winter weather.

Old Tree Daiwan Bee

Noodle soup is often the winter warmer of choice and for good reason too. Nothing can warm the heart like a carefully crafted noodle soup to warm the body and soul. Old Tree Daiwan Bee’s Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup hits the spot, showcasing a rich broth with a depth of flavour and a nice spicy kick. 


JinLi are well known for their superb Sichuan menu, where you’ll find all kinds of spicy delights. A piping hot bowl of Sichuan dan dan noodles is a winter warming classic. This simple bowl of noodles is enriched with the numbing, aromatic spice of crushed Sichuan peppercorns and enhanced with creamy sesame sauce, Chinese vinegar and soy sauce. 

Lotus Garden

You can’t go wrong with wonton noodle soup. Warm and hearty are words which sum up this fantastic dish. This comforting dish is packed with incredible flavours, including a hearty portion of wontons – a simple Chinese dumpling delight – with springy noodles, all packed inside a steaming bowl of soup.

Plum Valley

A creamy bowl of nourishing soup is a great way to warm up from the cold. Tuck into Plum Valley’s Sweet Corn Soup with Black Cod and Crabmeat, an indulgent adaptation of the classic Chinese Sweet Corn Soup.

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