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Chinatown gets Insta-ready for #MyLondonDish!

Filters at the ready – here’s what delicious dishes Chinatown suggests sharing as part of the #MyLondonDish initiative


If you haven’t heard, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has launched a super cool social media initiative, inviting restaurants, cafes and all-round London foodies to get snap happy and share their favourite dishes across Instagram and beyond.

“London is an incredible place to eat with some of the best chefs, food markets, restaurants and cafes in the world.” Explains Khan. ”And of course, we do the best fish and chips. They’re #MyLondonDish (bit of a cliché, but the truth). What’s yours? Take a photo, video or live of your favourite food or your favourite place to eat and make sure to tag me and use #MyLondonDish. Show the world that #LondonIsOpen for the world’s best food!”

Big celeb chefs and food experts like Jamie Oliver and the Hemsley sisters have lent their support, and the initiative has captured the imagination of food-loving Londoners so far.

A selection of Chinatown’s restaurants have prepared a list of their finest dishes for your to poise your lenses in front of. Don’t miss the chance to get involved with #MyLondonDish – click here for more information.

Pho & Bun – Traditional Pho Noodle Soup with Rare Sliced Beef. 

“Traditional Vietnamese Pho noodle is freshly made of rice noodles in carefully prepared, healthy and flavoursome clear broth. The broth carries the pleasant richness of beef bones being simmered 24 hours together with roasted onion and ginger, and a balanced combination of different spices. Served with bean sprouts, lime, and fresh herbs​”

Rasa Sayang – Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang

We’ve chose Beef Rendang, CNN International’s number one dish on their ‘World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods’. It’s an Indonesian dish, slow cooked in coconut milk and a plethora of spices till fork-tender. Beef rendang holds dear to us because of the time and effort it takes to prepare the dish.”

Jinli – Shui Zhu Yu (Grilled Fish in Chilli Oil)

Shui Zhu Yu (Grilled Fish in Chilli Oil)

 We’ve had customers say our shu zhu yu may better than in Beijing. Some customers come from outside London just wanting to try our grilled fish fish. In fact some customers have said ‘if you’ve not had Jinli’s shu zhu yu, you’ve not tried it at all.’”

Candy Café – Almond Sago Soup

Almond Sago Soup

“We introduced Almond Sago Soup to our cafe at Chinese New Year to celebrate. Since then this dessert has been selling very well. It’s known for improving the skin and its heat soothes the body.”

Opium – Lobster Dumplings

Lobster Dumplings

“We chose our lobster dumplings as they represent our opulence and sense of luxury coupled with accessibility.”

Plum Valley – Stir-fry black pepper ribeye steak with red wine

Stir-fry black pepper ribeye steak with red wine

“Our beef is tender, moist and rich, with a pungent and spicy flavour. A sense of decadence comes with a sticky black pepper sauce enriched with red wine. The garlic and onion add crispy texture to the dish, infused with beefy flavour.”

Hot Pot London – Vegetarian broth packed with vegetables

Vegetarian broth packed with vegetables

 “Our flavoursome broth is made with shiitake, bamboo mushroom and spring onion. There are 15 varieties of vegetables and 6 varieties of mushrooms to load it up with. It’s healthy, light, nutritious and clean – the perfect spring dish.”

The ShanState – Mont Hin Khar (Monk fish noodle)

chinatown london-shan state dish

Mont Hin Khar (Monk fish noodle)

“Mont Hin Khar has rich lemongrass seafood flavours with an undertone of traditional Myanmar herbs, idea for all day dining or as a star of soup. Its lime-green taste teamed with chilli makes for an excellent Myanmar National Dish. It says all about the country and is enjoyable all year long.”


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