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Chinatown London: A Student’s Guide

Calling all students! Get the insider lowdown on the best places to visit in Chinatown for a food n’ fun fix.


It’s that time of year: Freshers are settling in to their Halls, friendships are being forged and you’re finally learning how to cook for yourself. Or use the microwave at least. Whether you’re a new or returning student and would like to expand your horizons beyond the Union Bar, these places in Chinatown London will offer endless hours of great food and fantastic fun.

Candy Café

Candy Café - China Town London - Student Guide

This sweet little place is a great spot to plot up with your laptop for a lunchtime study sesh. Candy Café deals in sugary delights, Asian style so expect yummy bubble teas, fruit snow pudding, Japanese crepes and dumplings galore. Better still – present your student ID and Candy Café will knock off 10% from your bill and give you free WiFi.

Guanghwa Bookshop

Guanghwa Bookshop - China Town London - Student Guide

Not only can you stock up on all your reading material needs at Shaftesbury Avenue’s Guanghwa Bookshop but you can purchase beautiful, traditional Chinese stationary and calligraphy items too. The bookshop sells English and Chinese language tomes of all stripes – from history and philosophy to novels and art. The Cambridge History of China’s chief editor used to purchase reference books here, so it sure has academia’s seal of approval.

Karaoke at Plum Valley

Plum Valley - China Town London - Student Guide

Homesick Chinese students will love KTV – Chinese karaoke – and at Plum Valley on Gerrard Street, there’s 4 karaoke rooms for you to belt out tunes with your friends. The sound-system is super up to date with English, Thai, Korean and Japanese classics in Plum Valley’s sonic repertoire. Why not get some delicious dim sum dishes sent to your booth as well?


Baiwei - China Town London - Student Guide

All the cool kids in town know Baiwei is one of Chinatown’s millennial hotspots. Appointed in funky ironic Maoist décor, the cosy eatery serves up seriously fine Sichuan street food. Grab yourself a communal caldron of soup to share with mates and wash down with plenty of ice cold beer.

The Prince Charles Cinema

The Prince Charles Cinema - China Town London - Student Guide

Take time out of the library by catching a fun, retro flick at Prince Charles Cinema. This cool indie theatre showcases classic repertory films alongside a sprinkling of modern releases. If you fancy stretching your vocal chords, head to their famed Sing-a-Long-a screenings where you can knock out numbers to Grease and Moulin Rouge. As a student, you’re entitled to a discounted concession membership too. Re-sult!

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