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Instagrammer KS_Ate_Here, ate here. Chinatown, that is

dim sum at Plum Valley

London-based food blogger Kar-Shing Tong leads something of a Batman-Bruce Wayne double life. Working as a financier in City, he intersperses his high-flying corporate job with documenting delicious eats he encounters across the Capital. What began as a hobby has earned him tens of thousands of Instagram followers to his @KS_Ate_Here account.

Kar-Shing’s ultra close-up shots of guilty pleasure eats leave discerning foodies salivating so we invited him to takeover the official @ChinatownLondon Instagram and bring you highlights of his beloved foods in the area, from childhood favourites to new discoveries.

Get yourself a dim sum feast at Plum Valley on 19 Gerrard Street

“Yum cha was always a very special time for me growing up. There were few things I looked forward to more than Sunday’s with family and friends feasting on what felt like an endless stream of dimsum until I fell into a dumplings induced coma. ⠀

Plum Valley is one of my faves for this in London; it’s consistently tasty and I always leave happy. The salt egg custard buns are a must.”

Check out the newly opened Hot Pot at 17 Wardour Street

“Hotpot is one of those meals where it is about so much more than just food. It’s a celebration and a time for everyone to get together around the watering hole; quite literally. ⠀

Though the concept is not new to Chinatown, Hot Pot London is and they’re doing it justice.”

Dumplings galore at Jen’s Cafe at 4-8 Newport Place

“Dumplings are my ultimate comfort food and Jens Cafe is my spot for it. Made fresh to order on what amounts to be little more than a window still, it’s basically a meal and a show.⠀ ⠀

Soy sauce and vinegar are staples but load up on chilli oil for that extra kick to elevate the experience.” ⠀

Soup, dry, hot, cold – whichever way you like them at Joy Luck Restaurant on 47 Gerrard Street

“Noodles basically define my childhood; breakfast, lunch, dinner, there was never a bad time for them and I certainly wasn’t complaining. Soup, dry, hot, cold, it didn’t matter; just keep them coming. ⠀

In Chinatown, my go-to is Joy Luck where the Wuhan hot dry noodles are my jam (that sesame sauce is CRAZY addictive) but the knife-cut noodles are also banging.”

Treat yourself to a Taiyaki Fish at Bake at 9 Wardour Street

“The many bakeries of Chinatown are the unsung heroes and for me, no visit to the area is complete without popping into one for a cheeky snack for the journey home.⠀

One of my faves is Bake where the custard buns are always a dream but you come here for one thing above all else; a Taiyaki Fish cone matcha soft serve. ⠀

Though not traditionally Chinese, it has very much been adopted by the locals and for good reasons; its taaaaasty.”

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