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Mid-Autumn Festival Specials in Chinatown

Mooncakes placed on a plate in front of a red Chinese lantern

The Mid-Autumn festival is a time of celebration, family reunion and feasting and Chinatown London is the best place to pick up some delicious festive treats. Whether it’s traditional Chinese delicacies you crave, or whether you prefer more modern eats – there’s plenty for everyone in Chinatown. Check out these Mid-Autumn Festival specials which are available for a limited time only!

Mid-Autumn Bubble Waffle from Bubblewrap

In the name of festivities, Bubblewrap London have created a sweet bubble waffle treat encompassing popular flavours of the East. A light Original Bubblewrap Waffle holds Matcha Green Tea Gelato topped with an adorable Bunny Panna Cotta, Adzuki Red Bean and Fresh Strawberries.

Available at Bubblewrap London from Monday 20th September.

Salted Egg Lotus Taiyaki at Taiyakiya

Salted Egg Lotus is a very classic and popular filling in the traditional mooncake. Taiyakiya have put their own unique spin on this celebrated treat by stuffing a Taiyaki fish waffle with this luxurious filling. 

Available at Taiyakiya now.


Snowskin Taro Fresh Milk from Cuppacha

If you’re not in the mood for a traditional mooncake, try the Snowskin Taro Fresh milk from Cuppacha – a comforting drink which takes inspiration from snowskin mooncakes. Packed with sweet snowskin, taro, brown sugar tapioca and fresh milk – this sweet and refreshing drink champions popular flavours from the East. 

Available from Cuppacha now.

Matcha Mooncake from Sakurado

Japanese patisserie, Sakurado, have created an alternative to the traditional mooncake. This matcha mooncake combines the slightly bitter and umami flavours of matcha with the iconic mooncake shape. 

Available from Sakurado now.

Traditional Mooncakes from Chinatown Bakery

If you love all things traditional, Chinatown Bakery are at hand with the classics. Get your mooncakes in Lotus, Pandan, Red Bean and White Lotus with single or double yolks.

Available from Chinatown Bakery now.

Whilst in Chinatown picking up your goodies, why not head to House of Spells who are offering 10% off with the code MIDAUTUMN till the 1st October. 

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