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A three-hour food tour of Chinatown


Whether you’ve got the afternoon off work or looking for something fun to do on the weekend, schedule in three hours for your own foodie adventure in Chinatown.

Start with some light amuse-bouches at Plum Valley

A summer salad at Plum Valley

What is it? A trendy restaurant where Chinese classics get a modern makeover
What should I eat? Crispy duck salad, fresh scallops, cold shredded beef
Where is it? 20 Gerrard St

Then head to Leong’s Legend for a more substantial bite…


The cool interiors at Leong’s

What is it? A groovy, bamboo-furnished eatery serving up Taiwanese, Sichuan and Cantonese dishes that are big on flavour and value
What should I eat? Slow-cooked pork belly, Leong’s beer chicken, three cup squid
Where is it? 39 Gerrard St

Now strap in for something a little more intrepid at Jin Li

Fried bean

Stir-fried green beans at Jin Li

What is it? Paradise for adventurous foodies, and an opportunity to branch out for those less daring
What should I eat? Mouthwatering chicken, stir-fried green beans, spicy pig ear
Where is it? 4 Leicester St

Of course, you can’t go without dessert at Bake

Matcha soft serve in a taiyaki cone

What is it? Your one-stop-shop for cute (and delicious) East Asian sweet treats!
What should I eat? Vanilla and matcha soft serve taiyaki
Where is it? 9 Wardour St

And after all that food, you’ll need a cocktail at Opium to digest…


Opium #6 at Opium

What is it? Painfully cool cocktail bar where the bartenders play with traditional Chinese ingredients to create a totally new experience
What should I drink? Opium #6, Hong Kong Spring Punch
Where is it? 16 Gerrard St

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