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Chinatown in Colour


As we transition from Spring into Summer, we’re celebrating the vibrancy of Chinatown’s spectrum of colour through food and drink. Eat, drink, and explore the endless variety of bold bright, and beautiful delicacies. 


Head to Korean BBQ joint Pochawa Grill for their Kimchi rice and Kimchi Jeon (Korean pancake) which is a must when visiting. Delve into the fiery orange broth of Speedboat Bar’s Tom Yum Mama, a delicious combination of Tom Yam Mama noodles, squid, pork, and prawns.

Slurp on a hearty bowl of Malaysian laksa at C&R Café made with chilli, coconut, and spices such as turmeric. 


If you’re wandering around Chinatown, it’s hard to miss Pandan cake and no doubt you’ll have seen it trending on social media. It’s a vibrant green sweet delicacy made with the juices of Pandanus leaves, with a super fluffy and spongy texture. Available to purchase at a number of bakeries including Chinatown Bakery and Bake.

If you’re mad about matcha, Tsujiri is a haven for the green stuff and the place to go to pick up vibrant green matcha ice cream sundaes and soft serve cones as well as your traditional hot matcha lattes. Or tuck into Dragon Cat Café’s Matcha Wheel Cake filled with warm, gooey matcha crème. 


Mamasons’ has a generous offering of Filipino Ube dessert items. Ube is a purple yam native to the Philippines. With everything from milkshakes and brownies to hot chocolate and  soft serve ice-cream – not forgetting visitor favourite, the traditional Filipino milk buns.

Thirsty? Sip on Cuppacha’s Taro Milk bubble tea and Dawn Lychee fruit bubble tea blends.


For something pretty in pink, Taiyakiya’s Rose flavour soft serve is the perfect, pastel whip served in their fish shaped waffles. Top it off with a sugar mermaid tail or unicorn horn.

Head to Opium and sip on a ‘Luna Rossa’ cocktail, a blushed concoction of dark rum, aperitivo, vermouth, lemon juice and Grenadine syrup. Topped delicately with a miraculous foamer. 

Bubblewrap’s Red Bean gelato goes perfectly with a helping of whipped cream and sliced strawberry.


Tuck into sweet, steamy bao at Bun House and savour the molten, sunshine yellow goodness that oozes from their salted egg yolk custard bun.

Best known for their premium Franco-Japanese ‘mille crêpes, Sakurado cakes are beautifully handmade with 30 mille crêpes carefully layered between velvety rich cream. The Mango Mille Crepe Cake is a must try!

Candy Café’s Pomelo Mango Dessert is a creamy mango sago mixed with pearls and topped with fresh mango and refreshing pomelo. 


Viet Food’s summer rolls combine a selection of fresh herbs and vegetables, vermicelli noodles and prawns all delicately wrapped in rice paper.

Plum Valley serves up an Instagram worthy Rainbow dim sum platter, a delicious selection of meat and vegetarian dumplings, each a different colour.

If you’re looking for grab and go Japanese, Misato serves up colourful sushi bento boxes and Chirashi Don (sashimi on top of sushi rice).

Taste the rainbow at home and purchase fresh vegetables and fruit from one of Chinatown’s specialist supermarkets, such as SeeWoo and New Loon Moon. Grab some fresh pak choy, juicy papaya or stock up on vibrant ESEA spices. 


Come and savour #ChinatownInColour! Share your photos with us by tagging @chinatownlondon.

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