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A Canopy of Colourful Parasols in Chinatown London

This Summer, Chinatown welcomes a canopy of 36 beautifully hand painted, traditional Chinese parasols. Walk beneath the colourful and captivating installation located above Macclesfield Street for the duration of Summer, until the end of August.

The Chinese traditional parasol, also known as the oil-paper umbrella, has been a significant handicraft in China and other Asian countries for almost a century. Due to its long history, delicate craftsmanship, exquisite appearance, and resilient nature, it boasts a strong artistic ambiance, and has been associated with a number of cultural significances across ESEA.

Members of the Chinatown community have added their own personal touch to the parasols with five of them signed with heartfelt messages written by hand.

Come and see the installation for yourself, take a photo and make sure to tag @chinatownlondon.

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