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Christmas Specials in Chinatown

Hunt down all the Christmas specials in Chinatown this festive season.

This Christmas, many of the talented bakers and chefs in Chinatown London have been working hard to bring you the ultimate festive cheer. Try these Christmas-themed goodies which you can pick up from Chinatown London. 


1) We’re going to begin right off the bat with something that’s not technically a seasonal special, but is in fact, available all year round. Why? With its snow white, pillow-soft mochi exterior and desiccated coconut and peanut filling – it’s an edible snowball all right. Want to make it extra Christmassy? Stack them and turn these babies into a snowman!

Available at multiple bakeries in Chinatown London, including Bake, Chinatown Bakery and Golden Gate Cake Shop.


2) It’s never too cold for ice cream, but when it’s encased in a freshly baked, warm and chewy bubble waffle, it becomes the IDEAL winter treat (and we haven’t even described how it looks and tastes yet!) This adorable Rudolph is made of heavenly rich chocolate orange gelato – we think this speaks for itself.
Available from Bubblewrap from 10 December onwards. 



3) Bun House – the Fun House – have gone all out this year with a stacked bun cleverly shaped into a Christmas tree! Each ‘layer’ of the tree contains a different filling: gingerbread caramel, dark chocolate orange, and white chocolate chestnut cream.

Beauty comes at a price and as you can see, these buns take a LOT of work so availability is extremely limited. Pre-order now for pick up only in-store in Chinatown. £8 per Christmas tree bun. Available pick up dates: 15th,16th and 17th Dec. Cut-off time for ordering is midnight Dec 12th.


4) For those yet to do their Christmas shopping and need to keep their energy levels high as a result, fear not. Tsujuri have created a Matcha Hot Chocolate Latte so you get the best of both worlds: staying awake yet still feelin’ cosy.

Want to minimise the caffeine? Try the deliciously unique Houjicha Hot Chocolate Latte. Houjicha (roasted tea) gives the drink a nutty and smokey flavour that’ll carry you through the coldest months.

Both these festive Hot Chocolate Lattes are topped with chocolate cream and mini marshmallows…winter in a cup! The fearless types among us can go for the iced version if they dare.

Don’t think we forgot about the Mr Snowman Sundae – this bestselling sundae is back with an upgrade! In addition to the strawberry mochi snowman, Tsujiri have added ginger biscuits for some crunch and spice, chocolate cream to up the indulgence and 2 shiratama mochi balls hidden inside!

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