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5 Noodle Dishes to Try in Chinatown

Oodles of Noodle dishes in Chinatown


The ultimate comfort food and a staple of East Asian cuisine, oodles of noodles can be found all over Chinatown. Crunchy, spicy, flat, chewy, noodles can be served in a never-ending list of ways, and the extensive number of noodle dishes means there is something for everyone to enjoy. Here are 5 noodle dishes to try in London’s West End.


Shanghai Modern

Shanghai Modern is a contemporary restaurant serving Shanghai cuisine and regional Chinese dishes. Known for their signature Piggy Buns, Shanghai Modern is a firm foodie favourite. The real showstopper is their Shanghai crispy fried noodles with shredded pork. This dish is a Shanghainese sensation, and the sticky, sweet sauce is packed with rich and exquisite flavour.

Shanghai Modern, 12 Newport Pl, WC2H 7PR


C&R Café 

This creamy Malaysian curry Laksa is an especially celebrated dish. Citrussy lemongrass, Fiery red chillies, vermicelli noodles and crunchy bean sprouts make up the laksa foundations.  Delve around in the bowl of goodness to pick out Prawns, fish balls and other tasty surprises.

C&R Café, 4 Rupert Ct, London W1D 6DZ


Viet Food 

Silky strands of rice noodles and a moreish, salty broth make up the tempting taste of Pho from Viet Food. Packed with fresh and crunchy vegetables and melt in the mouth meat, Viet Food’s Pho has a real depth of authentic Vietnamese flavour. 

Viet food , 34-36 Wardour St, W1D 6QT


Old Tree Daiwan Bee

Affordable and unassuming, Old Tree Daiwan Bee’s Taiwanese beef noodles are a dish you have to try. This Taiwanese staple is cooked with simple ingredients in a classic and traditional way. Chewy noodles compliment a flavoursome and warming broth, delivering a bowl which is wholesome and comforting.

26 Rupert St,  W1D 6DH


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