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The perfect summer starters to accompany a cold beer in Chinatown

beers and summer

There’s little more refreshing in summer than slugging down an ice-cold beer in good company. Of course, no round of beers would be complete without the obligatory snackage accompaniment, so when you’re next in Chinatown make a beeline for these dishes and wash down with a generous helping of Tsingtao.

Edamame Beans at Tokyo Diner

Almost everywhere in Asia serves edamame beans as a beer accompaniment and bar snack. Think of them as the Far Eastern pork scratching, if you will. Albeit less waistline enhancing. On their own, doused in soy or sprinkled with salt, edamame beans are a healthy drinking accessory once popped from their pods. Grab them at Tokyo Diner with a Sapporo or Asahi.

Edamame beans


Spicy Chicken Strips at Baiwei

Tender, fiery and endlessly munchable, spicy chicken strips make an excellent beer bedfellow. Find mouth-numbingly hot ones, wok-fried with oodles of chili at Sichuanese restaurant, Baiwei and quench the heat with a soothing brew.

sichuan saliva chicken

Spicy chicken strips

Fried Peanuts at Rasa Sayang

Salted, dry roasted, the humble peanut has been a quintessentially British bar staple since time immemorial. At Malaysian restaurant, Rasa Sayang, they come fried and crispy as well as delectably crunchy. Pop some peanuts with a bottle of Tiger beer.

Chuan Chuan Xiang next door to Baozi Inn

For a starter on-the-go, head to Newport Court. If you hadn’t noticed it, right next door to Baozi Inn is a cheeky little street-food snack shack that serves up chaun chaun xiang. These are a spicy Sichuan skewer snack cooked in a hot pot-style broth. Choose your skewer (tofu, crab stick, lamb or enoki mushroom) at the counter, wait for it to cook then away you go with a beer in hand.

Chuan chuan xiang

Fried Chicken at Good Friend

Little Newport Street’s Good Friend really is your good friend when you want a satisfying edible beer-chaser. For the ultimate snack, go for their gargantuan Taiwanese deep fried chicken breast – the meat is tenderised so expertly it’s literally the size of your face. Top it with the flavour powder of your choice, grab a cold one from the fridge and you’re good to go.


Taiwanese fried chicken

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