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Spring Into Chinatown

#SpringIntoChinatown with us and follow us on our trail of goodness as we discover Chinatown’s feel good life hacks this spring.


Spring is a time for cleansing and rejuvenation and what better way to do this than from the inside, out.  This spring we’ll be looking at the interconnection between diet, health, beauty and wellness in ESEA culture through our #SpringIntoChinatown campaign – spring cleaning just got a whole lot more exciting!

Within the buzzy, bright streets of Chinatown, you’ll find an eclectic mix of shops, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets each with their own unique offerings from East and Southeast Asia. Famous for the epic variety of outstanding food, Chinatown is not only a destination for indulgence, but also a place to find fresh and delicious ESEA fruit and vegetables brimming with antioxidants and packed full of nourishing properties as well as a spot to pick up wellness and beauty products which are popular in the East. 


Five ways to live well in Chinatown:

1. Try Snow Fungus and Peach Resin at Five Friends Desserts

If you think that desserts are always bad for you, then think again. Peach Gum and Snow Resin are just two of the natural ingredients in Five Friends Desserts which are proven to be beneficial to your day to day beauty routines. Both peach resin and snow fungus are packed with collagen – a protein that is naturally abundant in the body with the special function of boosting joint and skin health – helping to keep your skin fresh, bouncy and youthful!

Visit Chinatown and dine on a few goodness-filled desserts that are naturally rich in collagen, whilst remaining totally delicious.

2. Relax and drink tea at Tsujiri and Plum Valley

Take a step back from the busy streets of London’s West End and muse over life with a warming cup of tea. 

Green tea is another renowned specialist ingredient which is much-loved in Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially for its cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. Hailing from Kyoto,  Tsujiri is Chinatown’s specialist matcha bar which serves the full spectrum of matcha-based goods, from cold and hot teas to soft serve and sundaes. 

Contemporary Cantonese eatery Plum Valley also has an extensive menu of floral teas, serving both osmanthus and chrysanthemum teas that are beneficial for your health and skin.

3. Fill up on delicious ESEA vegetables

Eating well is the key to feeling healthy inside and out, and if you think you know your greens, a visit to Chinatown is a sight to behold.

Next time you visit Chinatown, why not choose a dish that features a vegetable you haven’t heard of before? With vibrant colours, interesting textures, new flavour profiles and packed full of nutritional properties, ESEA’s amazing choice of vegetables offers you something more than you’ve experienced before. 

Head to JinLi and order the dry pot, and choose from an array of exciting vegetables, such as lotus root, white gourd, Chinese leaves, crown daisy, black fungus or bamboo shoots. Kelp and seaweed are known superfoods packed full of vitamins and nutrition and rich in umami. Try them at Yatay by sampling the Wakame Salad with seaweed, sesame, soy and bean shoots.

4, Pick up some interesting and flavourful fruits

Yuzu is a citrus fruit which offers sensational skin benefits; high in vitamin C, it is great for skin brightening and rejuvenation – perfect for those with dull skin! Try it at Yatay, a Japanese fusion restaurant in Chinatown, specialising in robata skewers grilled over charcoal, by ordering the skewers: Pork, Yuzu Miso & ‘Chimichurri’ Sauce and Heirloom Tomato & Yuzu-Koji Basil. 

Another fruit that can be hugely beneficial for your skin is the papaya, which contains an enzyme called papain, which aids dead skin cell removal and is often found in exfoliating skin care products, including face scrubs, face masks and peels. Shop for papaya-based skin products around Chinatown or try some papaya-based dishes in the area, such as Hefaure’s Papaya Bubble Milk Tea or Five Friend Dessert’s Papaya Peach Resin and Coconut Milk Sweet Soup. 

Inspired by your dining adventure in Chinatown London? These fruits and vegetables can be found in Chinatown’s many specialist ESEA supermarkets (SeeWoo, New Loon Moon, Loon Fung) for you to have a go yourself at preparing and cooking with them at home.

5. Shop for Skincare

Skincare and beauty products are not hard to come by when you visit Chinatown London. Lesser known but just as brilliant, Chinatown has many beauty shops – P2Bus, Nature Republic and the soon-to-be open PureSeoul which each stock an assortment of skincare products and K-Beauty. 

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