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Team Rice or Team Noodle

Mark your diaries as 30th November is #ESEAeats 1 year anniversary! Founded by Anna Chan and Georgie Ma, #ESEAeats is a celebration of East and Southeast Asian culture and heritage through food. Anna and Georgie initiated the movement last year to “inspire people to use the hashtag to share pictures, memories, and stories” and be a celebration of the ESEA community. 

Chinatown London is the proud home to the largest collection of East and Southeast Asian eateries in London, where culture and tradition (and food of course) is at the forefront of all the businesses. 

This year’s theme is Team Rice or Team Noodle. And the real question is, which side are you on? To help you out, we’ve put together a list of excellent rice and noodle dishes which can be found in Chinatown London.

Team Rice?

Baked Pork Chop Rice from Cafe TPT

Café TPT’s ‘Tai Pei Tong Hawkers’ dishes take inspiration from traditional food stalls. Their Macau-style baked pork chop with fried rice is exactly what you can expect to find being vended in China. Featuring crispy rice with tenderly baked pork chops and topped with cheese, it’s an indulgent treat.

Nasi Lemak from C&R Cafe

Often identified as Malaysia’s national dish, Nasi Lemak is packed full of flavour comprising of spicy sambal, boiled rice, salty fried anchovies, sliced cucumbers and hard-boiled eggs. 

Home Style fried rice in king soy sauce from Viet Food

Soy sauce fried rice with Cantonese sausages is actually not a Vietnamese dish. However, it’s THE dish that Jeff Tan of Viet Food’s Father used to make during Chinese New Year.

“Putting it on the menu at Viet Food is actually quite a naughty thing for me to do but I can’t help it because every time I cook it, I think of my family. Now my Son loves this dish too. It’s kind of my family symbol. It has become one of my customers’ favourite dishes but few of them know the story behind it.”

Team Noodle?

Stir Fried Noodle with Mixed Seafood from Plum Valley

If you’re a lover of seafood then the Stir Fried Noodle with Mixed Seafood from Plum Valley is one to try. Soft Shanghai style thick noodles are at the centre of this dish, accompanied by juicy queen scallops, fresh crunchy king prawns, squid and a premium soy sauce.

Beef Noodle Soup from Old Tree Daiwan Bee

Comfort food at it’s finest, – Old Tree Daiwan Bee’s clear beef noodle soup is complete with chewy flat noodles and topped with zingy pickled greens . This dish has become one of the most popular dishes in Taiwan and at Old Tree Daiwan Bee too.


Tag us in your best noodle and rice pictures on instagram and don’t forget to use the hashtag #ESEAeats.

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