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Where to go for vegetarian and vegan delights in Chinatown

Contrary to belief, vegetarian food in Chinatown is not hard to come by –  if you know the right places. If you’re of a vegetarian persuasion and want to experience the best of meat-free East and Southeast Asian cuisine then check out these amazing restaurants with vegetarian and vegan options in Chinatown.

Plum Valley, Gerrard Street

The vegetarian options at Plum Valley come in abundance and the quality of the food is second to none. From mock meat dishes such as Kung Pao Mock Chicken and Stir Fried Mock Duck in Black Bean Sauce, to the vegetarian dumplings and thoughtful vegetable dishes – flavour is uncompromised at this modern Cantonese fusion restaurant.

C&R Cafe, Rupert Court

C&R Cafe is a top spot for Malaysian eats in Chinatown and the menu showcases numerous veggie-friendly dishes. Try the Satay Tofu Skewer and the Achar Awak,  a delicious pickled vegetable side which is mildly spiced, sour and with a hint of sweetness too.

Viet Food, Wardour Street

Vietnamese cuisine is always ultra-fresh with light, elegant flavours so lends itself perfectly to vegetarian food. From vegetarian summer rolls, vegetarian spicy soup with wild mushrooms and vermicelli to wok-fried vegetables & wild mushrooms vermicelli noodles, Viet Food has a veggie offering so good even meat-eaters will be tempted!

BubbleWrap, Wardour Street

Yes, that’s right. You can now satisfy your sweet tooth with creamy chocolate and hazelnut gelato encased in a warm bubble waffle cone and it’s all totally vegan. If you don’t fancy the chocolate flavour try the vegan alternative which is alternated each week.


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