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Visit Chinatown in Full Bloom

Visit Chinatown in full bloom this summer and enjoy the floating Botanical Garden which has arrived to Gerrard Street. Looking for a place to relax amongst the hustle and bustle of London’s West End? Immerse yourself in our vibrant botanical installation inspired by tranquil inner-city gardens which can be found across East and Southeast Asia. 

What will you see when you look up from your bamboo baskets of dim sum? This colourful, hanging flower display is comprised of seven different flower species, each with their own cultural significance and beauty.

Pink Chinese Peony

In China and Japan, peonies mean ‘king of flowers’. They’re used in big, important holidays like the Lunar New Year and are known to symbolise wealth, prosperity and love. 

Orange Tiger Lily

An important flower in Chinese culture which  symbolises love and passion.  Did you know the lily is called 百合 in Chinese, which is pronounced as bǎi hé. Phonetically, these characters are reminiscent of the Chinese proverb, 百年好合 (Bǎinián hǎo hé), which means “happy union for one hundred years.” 

Yellow Sunflower

The striking, bold sunflower represents good luck and longevity in Chinese culture. It is considered an auspicious gesture, and a symbol of happiness.

Blue Orchids

The orchid represents spring time. The flower symbolises love and beauty, wealth and fortune and inspires purity and simplicity. When placed in a vase, orchids symbolise unity.

Peach Blossom

Peach trees were originally known for their vitality and rich fruits and were considered a symbol of fertility. Many believed that eating peaches could make a person immortal – in fact, in Chinese mythology, they are known as the Peaches of Immortality!


For centuries, the tulip has represented deep and unconditional love and each colour has its own further meaning e.g. yellow for cheerful thoughts and white for forgiveness.

Hibiscus Plant

The Red Hibiscus flower has a multitude of meanings across ESEA culture. Wealth and friendship in China, Celebration in Singapore, unity, strength and courage in Malaysia and a sign of mortality in Korea.


We look forward to welcoming you back as Chinatown blooms once again. Don’t forget to share your pictures when you visit the area, just tag @chinatownlondon and use the hashtag #ChinatownBlooms.

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