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1 Minute Guide To Chinatown: Where To Go and What to Eat

What comes to mind when you think of Chinatown London? Familiar streets lined with red lanterns and filled with eateries serving classic takeaway fare? Not any more!

In the past few years alone, Chinatown has undergone an extensive transformation, experimenting and upgrading our offering to contribute to London’s dynamic food scene, as well as taking inspiration from food trends across the globe. 

Chinatown was home to the first bubble waffles in London, and you can now find a phenomenal regional cuisine offering from ESEA including hotpot, authentic street food as well as an unparalleled ‘Dessert Alley’ offering delights like Filipino “dirty” ice cream!

Diners sitting at benches outside in Chinatown

Perhaps Chinatown looks the same as it always has to visitors who have frequented before. Yet how many of these places have you actually been to? 

Here are a few scenarios… 

Scenario 1: I always go to the same places 

Scenario 2: I have no idea where to begin – there’s too much choice

Scenario 3: I haven’t been in a while and everything’s changed

Whether you’re a Chinatown Amateur or a Chinatown Pro, we have the perfect (or as close to perfect) solution to help you choose where to go and what to eat.

From September 8th in Chinatown, you’ll spot some cleverly designed QR codes on the windows of certain restaurants and shops. Simply scan the QR code with your phone and it’ll link you to a video. Each video is short and sweet, helping you understand the restaurants’ offering and signature dishes. No more scanning through endless menus, crippled by choice!

If you prefer planning ahead, here’s our list of restaurants, cafés and shops that are participating:



Snacks/Street Food:




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