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Why The Light Lounge’s Heartbreaker will make you fall in love

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A love letter to one of The Light Lounge’s finest cocktails, the Heartbreaker.

Above the vibrant Ku Bar on Newport Place resides the oh-so stylish Light Lounge. A cocktail bar of distinction, it’s a chic retreat, which serves up the most delightful of boozy delectations. Perhaps one of their finest which will pierce your taste buds like an arrow from Cupid’s bow is their endlessly romantic Heartbreaker.

A heavenly mélange of Tanqueray gin, lychee liqueur, lemon juice, cucumber syrup & plum bitters, it’s a unique combination of sweet and sour, bitter and candied. First is its colour. The transparent Tanqueray gin mixed with cucumber syrup turns to a sumptuous creamy white, with slivers of luscious lychee floating inside.

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Taking a sip, the Heartbreaker’s taste changes at every second. First is the playful sweetness of the cucumber syrup and lychee, which caresses the tip of your tongue when you take the first sip.

But the sweetness doesn’t last. As the Heartbreaker flows across your tongue, the zingy, herbaceous gin injection will replace it. As the last traces of syrupiness fade away and the gin takes hold, a lively of kick of lemon sour spreads, harmonising with the plum bitters as you swallow.

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Served up in an elegant coupette and finished with a shredded cucumber slice, the Heartbreaker is certain to capture more hearts than destroy them.

For the ultimate cocktail experience in a sexy boutique spot, slink up the stairs to The Light Lounge’s welcoming den of mixology.

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