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Karaoke @ Plum Valley

20 Gerrard Street, London W1D 6JQ How to get here

Karaoke @ Plum Valley (Gerrard Street) | Karaoke

Inspired by the story of The Peach Blossom, a fable aView Postbout an ethereal utopia in ancient China, the decoration in Plum Valley karaoke rooms combines traditional with modern touches, much like its restaurant downstairs. Deep tone colours and simple frameworks add a contemporary flourish. The shape of the window lattice is inspired by the classical gardens in Suzhou.

Despite the classic-style interior design, the karaoke system is super up to date. You can find the most popular songs in its catalogue, be it in English, Thai, Korean, Japanese, plus some other languages.

Plum Valley has 4 karaoke rooms in total, accommodating 30 people combined.

There are worse ways to spend an evening than in its elegant space, belting out tracks with friends, and tasting a few delicious dim sum dishes. Some may even call it heavenly.


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