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Chinatown London Mooncake Giveaway

Only on this Sunday 19th September!

Held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 21st September this year. Originally a holiday to observe the full moon and the autumn harvest, the meaning of this important date has expanded throughout its 3000+ years of history.

This year to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, we will be gifting 300 lucky people a hand-made Chinatown London mooncake. Haven’t managed to get your hands on a mooncake yet? Read on to find out how to claim your own:

A photo showing a close-up of a mooncake pastry in each hand
Over the years, many variations of the mooncake have appeared – ones in Shanghai with flaky pastry filled with pork, others such as those in Yunnan stuffed with aged ham and honey – but it’s clear the traditional Cantonese mooncake remains the most widely known and produced.

How do I claim my free mooncake?

Keep your eyes peeled this Sunday 19th September for a mooncake illustration on our social channels. All you have to do is:

  1. Head to Golden Gate Cake Shop in Chinatown (13 Macclesfield St, London W1D 5BR)
  2. Show the mooncake illustration to a member of staff
  3. Pick up your FREE Chinatown London mooncake filled with either red bean or lotus seed paste!

Mooncakes are available to collect until stocks last!

N.B. These mooncakes are not suitable for vegans. Please ask a member of staff about allergen information.

So what exactly is a mooncake and why are they eaten at this time of year?

Made from a sweet, dense pastry, mooncakes are typically filled with a delicious red bean or lotus seed paste, placed in moulds with intricate patterns symbolising good-luck sentiments like ‘longevity’ or ‘harmony’. Inside, to represent the full moon, there’ll often be a salted whole duck egg.

As mooncakes are decadent and sweet, they’re not designed to be eaten in one sitting or by yourself. Instead it’s common to share them with loved ones under the full moon over the festive period.

Like the pancake to Shrove Tuesday, so intertwined with this time of year is the mooncake, that Mid-Autumn Festival has earned the affectionate nickname, Mooncake Festival. Today the mooncake is a symbol of good luck and reunion, making them popular gifts between families, friends and even clients.

Not a fan of mooncakes? Try one of our Mid-Autumn specials, including ice cream sandwiches and waffles!

Don’t forget to share your Chinatown and mooncake photos with us! Tag @ChinatownLondon for a chance to feature on our feed.

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