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Dumplings from Down Under: Chef Brendan Pang residency at Dumpling’s Legend

Dumplings From Down Under


You’ve tried crocodile dumplings and kangaroo pancakes, right? No? Well now you can with some very special ‘dumplings from down under’ coming to Chinatown London.

This September, renowned Australian Chef, Brendan Pang comes to London’s Chinatown, bringing with him native ingredients and flavours of Australia as part of a month-long residency at Dumpling’s Legend.

The MasterChef Australia 2018 Finalist, affectionately known as the ‘dumpling whisperer’, is best known for his vibrant rainbow dumplings and inventive flavour combinations. If you ever get the chance his debut restaurant ‘Bumplings’ in Perth is a must-visit.

Pang’s one-off menu launches on National Dumpling Day, Thursday 26 September (running until Saturday 26th October), and will give traditional Chinese dishes an inventive Australian twist.

Drawing upon memories of going for dim sum with his family. The menu will introduce Londoners to the unique flavours of kangaroo and crocodile meat, using well-known Chinese textures and dishes such as Xian Bing and wontons to spotlight the lesser known ingredients.

Australian abalone will be another star of the show. Long considered a delicacy in Asia and now a luxury item due to its high price, abalone is usually reserved for special occasions. Pang will incorporate the ingredient with prawn into wontons accompanied by aged vinegar and Sichuan chilli oil for a kick.

And of course there will be a selection of Pang’s adored rainbow dumplings!

Menu (3 pieces each)

  • Abalone and prawn wontons with black vinegar and Sichuan chilli oil – £18.00
  • Xinjiang style Kangaroo – £15.00
  • Crispy salt and pepper crocodile – £15.00
  • Crystal chicken and coriander dumplings with a coriander and ginger oil (dough coloured with spinach juice) – £4.50
  • Pan-fried carrot, ginger and pork Baozi (dough coloured with carrot juice) – £5.00

For any enquires please email dumplingslegendlondon@gmail.com

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