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Lumiere London opens today! Don’t miss Chinatown London’s Flamingo Flyway display

Why you need to witness Chinatown London’s mesmerising Flamingo Flyway display at Lumiere London that opens today!

Lumiere London launches today and Chinatown London is hosting an unmissable spectacle as part of the incredible light festival. Head down to Chinatown London over the course of the next four days after sunset and you’ll witness a dazzling flock of illuminated flamingos soaring high over your heads as you walk its streets.

Conceived by the imaginative Lantern Company and its artistic director, Jo Pocock, the Flamingo Flyway comprises a series of beautiful avian puppets that will arc and glide between Gerrard and Lisle Street in a wave of glowing pink. The parade theme references the breathtaking intercontinental migratory routes birds take each year and the parallels to humankind’s migration to different corners of the world.

The flamingos are an extension of Lumiere London’s Nightlife installation which spreads across the West End. Commissioned by the Mayor of London, Lumiere London is a perfect way to banish the winter blues by injecting some technicolour and fun into your life.

To witness the Flamingo Flyway, head to Chinatown London between 18th – 21st January 2018 from 5.30pm – 10.30pm.

Why not get a front row seat of the action while sipping a gorgeous cocktail from the windows of Experimental Cocktail Club or Opium bar. Or why not enjoy a delicious dinner with your family after captivating them with the light parade? Share a communal hot pot at Shuang Shuang or Hot Pot. And the best street-food accompaniment to the Lumiere London fun? A yummy Bubblewrap waffle-cone oozing with matcha ice cream, topped with fruit.

Lumiere London, 18th – 21st January 2018, from 5.30pm – 10.30pm at Chinatown and various London locations. Click here for more information.


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