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1800 Free Dumplings Giveaway at Chinatown London

Dumpling Day 2018

Eat your way around East Asia with a tasty selection of delicious dumplings. Which taste even better when free!

Dumpling Day 2018

It may be something you’ve eaten a hundred times over but do you know how the humble Chinese dumpling came into existence? According to legend, a man named Zhang Zhongjian invented Chinese stuffed dumplings around 1800 years ago during the Han Dynasty.

“Deep in winter, Zhang returned to the village of his ancestors where many neighbours were suffering from frostbite. To take away the cold, Zhang prepared a mutton meal, heated with chili and infused with healing herbs, wrapped up in scraps of dough. He folded the parcels to look like little ears, boiled them and handed them out to his hard suffering neighbours.”

1800 years later and dumplings are popularly seen in a variety of East Asian cuisines enjoyed by families, friends and lovers throughout the world.

On 26th September it’s National Dumpling Day and we’re celebrating in the best way we know how – by giving away a huge 1800 different dumplings in the heart of Chinatown London!

Whether you’re a dumpling connoisseur, a newbie or just curious, it’s time to come together to enjoy a delicious taste of dumplings from our dumpling specialists.

To take part, head to Gerrard, Wardour or Macclesfield Street and eat your way around East Asia with your friends and family. On offer will be:

  • Deep-fried Malaysian Dumplings from Rasa Sayang
  • Premium Wagyu Beef Mandu from Korean BBQ joint Olle
  • Cantonese Chicken Sui Mai from Haozhan
  • Grilled Pork Jiaozi at New China
  • Sichuan inspired Spicy Chicken Dumplings at Plum Valley
  • Mushroom and Jicama Gyoza at Ichibuns
  • Grilled Chicken Dumplings with fresh Vietnamese herbs, pickle and chef’s homemade sauce at Viet Food

Dumpling Day Prize Draw

If you’re still hungry for more, snap a photo of your dumplings and take to Instagram. By sharing your photos and tagging @chinatownlondon #1800YearsOfDumplings you’ll be in the running to win a dumplings feast in a Chinatown London restaurant for the whole family to enjoy.

Terms & Conditions apply. 

Please note photography will be taking place on 26 September 2018 12-1pm by CHINATOWN LONDON for the DUMPLING DAY GIVEAWAY.

The use of these images for future marketing purposes is in the legitimate interests of Shaftesbury PLC.

Please contact sophie@streetand.co or cecily@streetand.co if you have any questions or concerns or object to the use of your image.

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