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5 romantic restaurants to dine at in Chinatown London this Valentine’s Day

Like an arrow from Cupid’s bow, pierce your lover’s heart (and taste buds) by taking to one of these romantic restaurants in Chinatown London.

The way to a loved-one’s heart is through their stomach and much like us Brits, the Chinese celebrate it by dining a-deux with their partners. In China, sharing food has a special significance of connectivity and bonding. If you’re planning to woo a hot date or show your other half how much you care, then why not whisk them to one of these romantic restaurants in Chinatown London this Valentine’s Day?

Plum Valley

chinatown london-plum valley dish

For some added sexy ambience book your table on 14th Feb at Plum Valley.

Chinatown is infamous for canteen-style, tasty but no-frills eating so if you want to impress with a little more fine-dining finesse in swish environs them Plum Valley is a failsafe choice. All dark woods and sleek leather banquettes, the ambience is sexy and sophisticated. Plum Valley’s menu elevates traditional Cantonese cuisine with artful-presentation and progressive ingredients. Start with their mixed platter of luxury dim sum then all-out with steamed lobster with glass vermicelli in spicy yellow bean sauce.

Four Seasons Gerrard Street

chinatown london-four season roast duck

Hallowed by many-a critic as having the best roast duck in the world.

If your lover is the kind that’s impressed with pedigree and esteem then Gerrard Street’s Four Seasons comes with a second-to-none reputation. Hallowed by many-a critic as having the best roast duck in the world, you can be certain their melt-in-the-mouth bird will make your partner’s heart sing and taste buds dance. Served whole on or off the bone, it’s their special blend of spices and crisp-skin-to-tender-flesh ratio that fires it into the stratosphere.


chinatown london-baiwei dishes

Add a little spice to your Valentine’s Day at BaiWei.

Cozy and compact so you’re guaranteed shoulder-rubbing intimacy, Baiwei is one of Chinatown’s hipster-y spots loved by in-the-know locals and tourists alike. Ornamented with ironic Mao-era art and witty slogans, the décor will raise a smile just as their Sichuan food will raise the heat. We’re talking aphrodisiac-level chili spice here. Go for a large, crimson-red sharing stew where you can romantically bump chopsticks as you go diving for its delights.



chinatown london-opium cocktails and dim sum

Nothing says romance like cocktails & dim sum!

While not strictly a restaurant, Opium’s elegance is guaranteed to wow your paramour. Decked out like an exotic opium den, the cocktail bar presents luscious libations with a side order of theatre. Expect smoke, spice and all things nice from their unique house concoctions – their Opium #6 comes in a micro-cauldron emitting a plume of mist. Food-wise Opium serve up delicious dim sum with less traditional fillings – try the sea bass and fennel dumplings.

The Palomar

chinatown london-palomar dish

Order yourself an awesomely named ‘Octo-hummous’ dish to share for two.

Avoid awkward silences by pitching up at The Palomar’s sleek zinc bar and watching their masterful chefs in action as you dine. The spectacle of food preparation presents enough talking points as the peerless Israeli & Mediterranean cuisine itself. From the awesomely named ‘Octo-hummous’ (octopus, chickpea, burnt aubergine) to ironed chicken thighs with sumac and ambah yoghurt, the award-winning Palomar’s dishes are the stuff of legends.

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