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Autumnal Eats: Chinatown London’s most colourful dishes this season

This autumn, make the plates your canvas and food you paint with these fantastically colourful dishes in Chinatown.


As the autumn leaves start to turn from green to scarlet red, burnt orange and golden yellow, you know it’s time to bid a fond farewell to summer. Autumn is an auspicious time in China – it’s the time of the harvest and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Celebrate the new season’s arrival in Chinatown London with these five deliciously colourful dishes.

Yellow: Grilled lobster in melted cheese at Four Seasons

Grilled lobster in melted cheese at Four Seasons

In case you missed the memo: Four Seasons is famed for its duck which is consistently rated the best in the world. Its lobster is pretty darn good too – especially when covered in ooey-gooey melted cheese. Sensational seafood slathered in rich cheddar; what more could one want in an indulgent dish?

Red: Tomato and smoked eel at XU

Tomato and smoked eel at XU

This crimson plate of perfection is refreshing as it looks. Courtesy of super-cool Taiwanese eatery, XU, it’s a wonderful medley of freshly diced plump tomatoes, smoked eel chunks all elegantly topped off with dried soy daikon threads. Extend your summer that bit longer with this light and tasty dish.

White: Malaysian ondeh ondeh at Rasa Sayang

Malaysian ondeh ondeh at Rasa Sayang

Looking like fluffy white snowballs, ondeh ondeh are traditional Indonesian desserts made from sticky rice and rolled in shaved coconut. And the best bit? You’re find a sweet, caramel centre inside, to boot! Find this beauteous balls at Malaysian restaurant, Rasa Sayang.

Black: Black fungus salad at Baozi Inn

OK, OK, so the name doesn’t sound super-appetising, but this is a ‘shroom salad with attitude. Made from the much-revered Chinese slippery wood ear mushroom (shaped, well, like your ear) and laced with mouth-numbing hot pickled chilies and coriander garnish, this salad sure packs a punch. Find this, and other taste-bud tingling Sichuan dishes at Baozi Inn.

Multi: Rainbow mango salsa at Pho & Bun

Rainbow mango salsa at Vietfood

Just how gorge does this bowl of colour look? Pho & Bun’s rainbow mango salsa is jam-packed with fresh green herbs, zingy yellow lemon, bouncy pink prawns and – our favourite – the monochrome prawn cracker pock-marked with black sesame seeds.

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