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Five Spicy Dishes in Chinatown to warm yourself with this winter

If you like your food at the top end of the Scoville scale, check out these super-spicy dishes in Chinatown.

As the mercury plummets, it’s a good idea to insulate yourself from inside out. Thankfully, Chinatown London is never short of deliciously hot and spicy dishes. From mouth-numbing Sichuan cuisine to feisty Indonesian fare, if you like to tiptoe towards the spicy side you’re in for a treat. Here’s the best super spicy dishes you should seek out in Chinatown London.

Poached Pork in Hot Chili Oil at JinLi

JinLi have a very well fleshed out Sichuan menu where you’ll find all manner of spicy delights but their poached pork in hot chili oil is a tried and tested classic from the region of all things heat. Poaching the pork in boiling water makes the meet ultra tender. In this case, finely diced slices are served in a scarlet pool of wonderfully hot chili oil. Pair with rice to ease the spice!


Mala Fiery and Numbing Broth at Hot Pot

‘Mala’ means ‘mouth numbing’ which is what happens when you eat Sichuan pepper. Hot Pot serve many-a type and flavour of broth, but their Mala Fiery and Numbing is the one with the most attitude. A rich, reddish-brown transparent broth, it’s the perfect base for submerging and cooking your ingredients in.


Mouthwatering Sichuan Chicken at Feng Shui Inn

Unlike many Sichuan dishes, this one doesn’t come steeped in vivid red oil. You know it’s good when it’s Feng Shui Inn’s star recommendation too. Golden strips of tenderly flash-fried chicken intermingle with an overly-generous array of ruby-hued chilies. Tweeze up the slices with your chopsticks and feel the Scovilles rise!


Ayam Penyet at Nusa Dua

An Indonesian eatery serving up super authentic cuisine, Nusa Dua has a spicy ace up its sleeve by way of its Ayam penyet dish. Translating to ‘smashed chicken’, it’s tenderised chicken lovingly marinated in a power-punching chili sauce and grilled to perfection. Spicy and exotic, ayam penyet is full of the flavours of Southeast Asia.


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