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Sizzling ginger chicken stir-fry recipe

ginger chicken stir-fry chinatown london

It’s loud, it’s lovely, it’s sizzling ginger chicken stir-fry and here’s how to make it yourself


Like any good onomatopoeia, the word reads exactly like the sound it’s describing. One such word, often found in front of a Chinese dish is ‘sizzling’. Whether it’s sizzling chicken and black bean sauce, or sizzling beef with ginger and spring onions, prefixed with ‘sizzling’ evokes thoughts of super-hot meat strips noisily cooking alongside crunchy vegetables and a piquant sauce in a wok.

Sizzling dishes are found in many-a Chinatown restaurant, almost always served on a piping-hot skillet, emitting that familiar noise as it’s brought from the kitchen to your table. Curious diners looking over their shoulder to see what lucky diner is about to receive a delicious dish.

It’s easy enough to recreate some sizzling magic in your kitchen so here’s a tasty recipe for sizzling ginger chicken stir-fry. You can get all the ingredients in Chinatown at SeeWoo or New Loon Fung supermarkets.


1) Heat oil in a very hot wok then add red chilies and chicken. Stir for a minute

2) Add all vegetables to the wok with salt and ground peppercorns and soy sauce, keeping a few spring onions back for a garnish

3) Cook on a high heat for 3 minutes, stirring vigorously

4) Transfer to a metal hot sizzler plate on a wooden base. A serving plate will do if you don’t have one. Garnish with sesame seeds and the leftover spring onion

5) This sizzling ginger chicken stir-fry is best served with noodles or fragrant rice



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