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Say hello to The ShanState’s new menu

From Myanmar with love.

Since arriving in Chinatown London as one of the Capital’s only Burmese restaurants, The ShanState have made a big culinary splash with their fermented tea salad, laphet and more desserts delicious than you can shake a candy cane at. Fresh for 2018, The ShanState have just launched a new menu, chock full of authentic Myanmar delights and sugary confections galore. Here’s some taste bud tingling highlighters of what you can choose from.

Perfect winter warmers, The ShanState’s clay pot dishes will nourish your heart and soul. Choose from sticky rice with stewed pork or sesame chicken or an unctuous noodle soup with spicy beef or shrimps. If you want to sample traditional dishes, there’s Spicy Duck Tongue; a plump tangle of noodles topped with tenderly cooked tongue, sprightly chilies and sliced spring onion.

To customise your dinner, why not pick n mix from a super-cool 8 skewer combo; there’s a cornucopia of meats including BBQ lamb, fragrant pork, pork & beef meatballs and even chicken hearts!

If you’re after some lighter bites, The ShanState have a plethora of small plates and tapas-style treats like gyoza dumplings, tofu tempura and takoyaki balls.

Seriously decadent desserts are what The ShanState do best. In fact, it’s one of Chinatown’s best kept secrets for an indulgent pudding. It sounds so wrong but, trust us, is oh-so right: their Ice Cream Burger is a to-die-for dessert. Scoop after scoop of sweet ice cream, sprinkled in marshmallows, sandwiched between a doughnut-style bun and slathered in rich chocolate sauce.

For something a little less calorific, their Italian-Burmese Matcha Tiramisu mash-up is really inspired. Oh, and did we mention the crepes, mango puddings and sweet dumpling soups? The ShanState truly is a dessert paradise.

If you love your bubble tea, you’ll discover a wealth of unusual and traditional flavours from honey peach and lychee to matcha and taro milk tea. Go popping mad for toppings and adorn your drink with passionfruit, strawberry and tapioca pearls.

The ShanState, 100-102 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 5EF, click here to view their new menu

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