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What to order at ICHIBUNS

From Insta-ready burgers to steaming hot ramen, here’s what to fill your boots with when dining at ICHIBUNS.

American fast food with a luxe Asian spin? Where do we sign! If you’ve not got the memo, ICHIBUNS is one of Chinatown’s foodie newcomers and exploded onto the scene in 2017 with a riot of colour, flavour and damn fine wagyu burgers. A truly inspired concept, ICHIBUNS serves up so-naughty-it’s-nice, diner-style fare but with a Japanese remix. The joint itself is a sight to behold, think; Tokyo rock n roll diner whizzed in a blender with manga comics. Next time you’re in Chinatown make a beeline for ICHIBUNS and order these dishes.


The Hokkaido

If you’re going to pick one ICHIBUNS burger, make it their drool-worthy hero burger, The Hokkaido. It’s unapologetically big, brash and loaded with taste. Let’s start with the bun; a golden brioche, lightly toasted and topped with its own little flag. Within, you’ll find two Australian wagyu beef patties jostling for space with luxurious white truffle oil, blue cheese fondue, sautéed shitake mushrooms. A dollop of zingy red onion cuts through the richness of an altogether mighty burger.


King Crab Ramen

If there’s one foodie craze that’s come out of Japan in recent years it’s ramen. We can’t get enough of the rich, meaty broth loaded with noodles and egg. ICHIBUNS serve up three types; wagyu beef, vegetarian and king crab. You’ve had the turf, now for the surf; their king crab ramen is a must try. Generously filled with fresh crabmeat, bean sprouts, mizuna leaves and soy marinated egg, the broth lends each ingredient a richness.


Sakura Blossom shake

Any self respecting diner serves up great shakes and ICHIBUNS is no exception. In true ICHIBUNS style there’s a Far Eastern twist to them. Their sakura blossom shake takes inspiration from the iconic Japanese cherry blossom. Made with a blend of milk and cherry ice cream, it’s topped with a giant sprinkling of micro marshmallows, sticky sweet marinated cherries and cherry sauce. Sweet and sublime.



Crisp, deep-fried and bursting with hidden surprises, ICHIBUNS’ harumaki are spring rolls with attitude. Larger than your average spring roll, they house all manner of unlikely delights. Take their wagyu cheeseburger harumaki for instance; unctuous beef, cheese, gherkin and sauce all tightly encased in a crisp pastry shell. Then there’s snow crab with shitake, shiso leaf, yuzu pepper and butter ponzo sauce; it has that umami hit of fresh, sweet, sour and hot.


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