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Where to buy winter ingredients in Chinatown London

Pak choi at See Woo

Stopping off at Chinatown London after work, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to places to eat. Quick bilog at Mamasons? Hot tasty dumpling parcels at XU? Within minutes you can have a belly full of hot, tasty delights. But what about when you want to take that feeling home? Particularly in Winter, we can all be partial to a home-cooked meal and Chinatown London’s many supermarkets are the perfect place to stock up on Winter ingredients to make it happen.

Here, we’re sharing our favourite winter ingredients that you can find in Chinatown London, including where to get them and recipe inspo on how to use them.

1. Fresh turmeric at SeeWoo

Many believe that fresh turmeric has anti-pain properties, due to its anti-inflammatory effects. This makes it the perfect root to add to all types of winter recipes, keeping those winter illnesses at pay. We love the fresh turmeric root available at SeeWoo which can be chopped, grated and used to season everything from soups, to curries and even your morning eggs.  

2. Thai jackfruit from New Loon Moon

As we enter the season of goodwill, extend your kindness to the prickly Thai jackfruit. Despite its sharp exterior, this fruit is full of sweetness, adding an exotic base for everything from custards, to cakes and even sorbet. Thanks to its meaty texture, it can also be used for winter-warmer vegan and vegetarian dishes to replace chicken and other meats, served up with steaming rice and plenty of greens. It’s a fruit that’s rich in antioxidants, perfect for the winter months when you may need a boost. It’s also full of fiber, vitamins and minerals and the seeds are said to be good for the skin if you have any leftover! Visit New Loon Moon where there’s always plenty of fresh and canned jackfruit in stock.

3. Nian gao cake at Lucky Foods

More known for its sweets than its fruit, Lucky Foods is the perfect place to pick up some Nian gao this winter. Nian gao, a rich, sticky cake, is very popular around Chinese New Year, believed to help you, like its namesake, have a “higher year” ahead. It can be eaten as is, making it a convenient (and delicious) dessert for feasting with friends and is high in calories which makes it ideal for the colder winter months.

4. Pak choi at SeeWoo

Pak choi is a leafy green vegetable that’s a member of the cabbage family and can be used in a stir fry to add lots of texture (and those all-essential greens) to a meal. Pick up a fresh bunch at SeeWoo and slice off the thick leafy greens, then add to a stir fry, or boil in broth for a tasty meal or side dish. Pak choi is high in water and low in calories. Plus, when eaten in the right quantities, it can supply almost an entire daily allowance of vitamin A, C and B6, making it worth every yummy mouthful. Special tip: ask SeeWoo if they have any young pak choi in stock as the leaves are super tender and can be eaten in salads as well as cooked.


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