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Shredded pork stir-fry with yellow chives and oyster mushroom

shredded pork stir fry

Easy-peasy and super tasty, our shredded pork stir-fry with yellow chives and oyster mushroom is the perfect spring dish.


How to incorporate the Chinese yellow chive into your cooking with this simple stir-fry.

Wake up your wok

Perhaps a lesser-known ingredient in the Chinese larder, the yellow chive (jiu cai) is milder and sweeter than its Western green counterpart. With a slightly garlicky flavour it’s a perfect stir-fry addition and makes tasty bedfellows with tender pork and oyster mushrooms.

Pick up some Chinese yellow chives from SeeWoo or New Loon moon supermarkets in Chinatown

Science bit: Chinese chives owe their yellow hue to a lack of chlorophyll from sunlight deprival. About two thousand years ago, Chinese farmers discovered that if their chives received no sun light during the course of maturity, they would not turn green due to photosynthesis, plus their texture would be softer and the fragrance stronger

Simple ingredients for a tasty dish


Yellow chives are something of a symbolic spring vegetable so as we head into warmer months, here’s a delicious recipe for shredded pork stir fry with yellow chives and oyster mushrooms. You can pick up all the ingredients and imported Chinese yellow chives from SeeWoo or New Loon moon supermarkets in Chinatown. So what are you waiting for? Crank up that wok and get frying.


  1. Finely chop the pork loin with a sharp knife
  2. Sprinkle on the cornflour and salt and leave for 15 minutes
  3. Wash yellow chives and cut into sections 5cm long
  4. Heat the wok and pour in the oil
  5. When the wok emits smoke, add chilli bean paste and soy sauce to the hot oil
  6. Stir fry the pork until color changes and fish them out
  7. Stir fry oyster mushrooms for two minutes
  8. Add yellow chives and pork to the wok and stir-fry everything for two more minutes. Be careful not to over-cook the chives as it will damage the texture and nutrition.
  9. Once cooked, serve up with your favourite Chinese condiments.


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