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Three Hearty Winter Dishes in Chinatown

Try these hearty winter dishes in Chinatown….

As we wave goodbye to summer, it’s time to welcome the arrival of the cold, winter weather here in London. But not to worry, say hello to warming bowls of noodle soups and fragrantly flavourful laksas that will provide you with the ultimate winter comfort. So wrap up in your winter warmers and head down to Chinatown, pull up a chair and cosy up with a bowl of steaming soup and say goodbye to the summer blues. 

1) Hot Pot, Shu Xiangge

Number one on the “must eat this winter” list is the humble hot pot. Hotpot is a traditional dish that brings together friends and family in Chinese culture, a tradition that has been around for years. A large steaming bowl of flavourful broth takes centre stage, an abundance of meats, vegetables and noodles surround the bubbling pool of broth. Submerge these into the soup using chopsticks and cook for the desired amount of time. This dish is the perfect excuse to get your friends and family together to mull over and spend quality time together.

Try this at Shu Xiangge, 10 Gerrard St, London W1D 5PW

2) Pho, Viet Food

Lunch for one? Pho is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of a steaming bowl of fragrant broth, filled with rice noodles and topped with meats, fish and fresh herbs. This comfort dish is rich in flavour, whilst remaining light and refreshing – perfect to enjoy all year round. So cosy up and shelter from the cold with a large bowl of pho.

Try this at Viet Food, 34-36 Wardour St, London W1D 6QT

3) Laksa, Rasa Sayang

Turning up the heat a touch, why not try Laksa? A thick spicy broth typically made from a rich and creamy coconut milk, strongly seasoned with herbs and spices. Thick rice noodles absorb all of the flavours that this dish has to offer. It is then topped with fried tofu, crunchy bean sprouts, fragrant herbs and a boiled egg to add the perfect balance of both flavour and texture. 

Try this at Rasa Sayang, 5 Macclesfield St, London W1D 6AY

We’d love to hear from you if you try any of these dishes. Share your photos with us by tagging @chinatownlondon and using the hashtag #warmthofwinter.

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