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Top 5 Vegan Desserts in Chinatown London

Top Vegan Desserts in Chinatown London


What springs to mind when you think of Chinatown London? Dim sum, red lanterns and roast meats? There’s more to us than that! Over the years, we’ve evolved into a more creative and inclusive community, catering for different diets and preferences yet remaining true to our ESEA (East and Southeast Asian) roots. No need to compromise on flavour, appearance or texture! For desserts alone we have practically unlimited choices to the extent that Newport Court is now fondly known as ‘Dessert Alley’! On this note, let us introduce you to our top 5 vegan desserts in Chinatown London:


MIN TEA – Brewed fresh with real fruit  

Cup of grapefruit flavoured and coloured green tea with ice and real grapefruit at the top

Photo via IG

Relatively new to our enormous bubble tea offering is Min Tea. For those looking for a premium tea, you’ve come to the right place. Using loose tea leaves and real fruit, Min Tea brews each tea fresh. On a hot day, you can’t go wrong with their Grapefruit Green Tea Refresher – it’s a thirst-quenching, satisfying and healthy treat.

Pretty March – For the traditionalists AND experimentalists

Round table, with table 6 bowls of assorted Cantonese desserts and a coconut jelly pig pudding in the centre.

Photo by @eatwithsteph_ldn via IG

Pretty March is an ode to the classic “tong shui” desserts available in Hong Kong and Cantonese-speaking regions. These desserts are rather unexplored in London so Pretty March is a very welcome addition! One of our all-time favourites is their sweet papaya soup, with brown sugar tofu pudding, mango and little sticky rice balls. An interesting and delicious flavour combination. 

TSUJIRI – Matcha is a way of life 

Cup with vegan matcha soft serve ice cream in front of Tsujiri shop window

Photo via @tsujiri_uk IG

The unique flavour, numerous health benefits and energising properties are what makes matcha an eternal favourite. Ask anyone in London where you can taste the best matcha and they’ll tell you: TSUJIRI. Not wanting anyone to miss out on the fun, they’ve developed a vegan matcha ice cream that tastes just as good as the original. 

BUBBLEWRAP LONDON – The King of Desserts in Chinatown

Bubblewrap egg waffle with ice cream, raspberries and Lotus Biscoff

Photo taken by @scarlettvfit via @bubblewraplondon IG

Behold the Bubblewrap waffle. This is the King of Desserts in Chinatown, going viral online several years ago and remaining hugely popular ever since. Satisfy your sweet tooth with smooth and rich ice cream encased in a warm, soft yet crunchy bubble waffle – all totally vegan. Even better, flavours alternate each week! 


Not only are all of these desserts absolutely delicious, they’re also highly instagrammable! Get eating and get tagging at @chinatownlondon for a chance to be featured on our feed.

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